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Well, it's official.  We are moving to Dover, DE.  For those of you with sessions booked, no worries b/c I'm sticking around for a little while until we can find a home.   I'll also be flying back and forth often, so for my MI & OH clients, you may not even know I've left the state!  

These past few weeks have been extremely hard, but I can actually say (now) that I'm a little bit excited to go and try something new.  Plus, it will be fun exploring the state and surrounding areas as I start up a "new" photography business.   The only thing that hurts  (yes, it's bringing tears thinking about it) is the fact that I have to leave my niece and nephew in Ohio.  The longest that I've ever went without seeing them is three weeks and even that amount of time has been very few and far between.  I guess I will be racking up my frequent flier miles cuz I still want to be the cool "Aunt JuJu" and see J&J light up each time I see them!  As for our niece and nephews in PA, we'll be about the same drive time distance and actually, flights to visit them are extremely cheap, and I'm hoping we'll get to see them even more! 

So, I can only hope that 2009 will be the best year ever for us.  We have three major life changing events to get through - new job for J, the move & marriage.   I will keep everybody posted as to what is going on with us, but in the meantime, if you are still interested in booking a session, feel free to contact me (419-343-7268), and we can see what I can work out before the move.  


Jodi said...

Julie...I'm sad to hear that you will be moving...:( I'm sure that you will stay close to Jenny and her family...not to mention Mom and Dad...(love my Uncle Richard :) ) I wish you the best of luck with you and your "honey".....when will you be moving??? Keep posting pics of your beautiful niece and nephew!! Stay in touch.....Your cousin...Jodi

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