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Hope everybody is having a great January!  We are enjoying our downtime so much along with all of our visitors that have been here!    I really didn't have much to say except that I wanted to pop in to say hi and of course, post some pix of my boys!  To give you an update, big brother Jake is starting to acknowledge his brother somewhat.....i guess the good thing is that Jake does not want to be near his brother, so he's not bothering him at all!  However, I was able to get some funny pix of the two of them yesterday.  Also, yesterday Johnny was 4 weeks....my how the time is flying!

One of my favorite blogs did a picture like this below for every week of her daughter.  I, however, am going to do a monthly picture just to show how big he gets.
love, love, love this one...i'm not even sure what Jake is telling Johnny

and some fun pictures of my Jakers....2.5 years old and ornery as can be and so much fun!

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