1 Beautiful Little Girl & Her Handsome Brother! Julie Marie Portraits, Delaware Children's Photographer

Meet beautiful Miss G & her handsome brother, L! She was just the cutest little girl! She wasn't quite sure about me and my camera, but it didn't take long and she was running up to take some pictures herself! Her big brother, L, was super cool and very laid back and up for anything! Anyway, here are a few sneak peeks! Hope you enjoy!

Love their weimaraner!!

Check out Miss G's wardrobe - love the shirt, shoes and the matching necklace!

This is probably my favorite....love the smile on Miss G with her mama hugging her!

Is he handsome or what?!?!?!

Taking a ride in her wagon...

Love this one, too....

The whole gang....Check out the two guys with the matching shirts. It was totally not planned! This is something that my sister and I would do except we would be fighting over who has to go change! :)


How cute are these 3 kiddos!!! Julie Marie Portraits, Rehoboth Beach Children's Photographer

Aren't these 3 kiddos the most adorable and gorgeous kiddos ever!! Well, I had the pleasure of meeting up with them at Rehoboth Beach to do some fun beach shots the other day. The two older kiddos were great assistants. They were all for pulling around my camera bag and taking some shots with my camera! Their little brother, N, was the sweetest little guy!! He just hung out and smiled!

Anyway, here are some sneak peeks from the session! Hope you enjoy!


Introducing Handsome Little N....Washington, DC Children's Photographer

I had the pleasure of meeting up with the cutest, most handsome little guy ever. I seriously could have sat there and cuddled with him all day long! Anyway, we met up at their home which had very little light and made for a tricky shoot, but mission accomplished. Check out handsome little N and his gorgeous mama!


Another Gorgeous Philly Wedding....Julie Marie Portraits, Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

Wow....is all I can think of when I think of S&M's wedding. It was absolutely gorgeous! It was held on the grounds of the Fonthill Museum near Philly and it turned out to be a gorgeous day along with a gorgeous bride and her handsome groom! The bride's dress was absolutely gorgeous and she had two great pairs of shoes to go along with it! I loved all of the details in the wedding from the sunflowers to the wedding painter (you'll see more on this) to the S&M BBQ sauce as gift favors!!

Anyway, enough of me talking.....here is my new favorite shot:

They had a wedding painter and she was incredible. You can check out her work at http://www.joanzylkin.com

How cool are these!!!

Check out the personalized BBQ sauce....S&M are their initials...too cute!


I'm Back....Julie Marie Portraits, Toledo, Ohio Wedding Photographer

I'm finally back from a long "blogcation" and my trip to Ohio. I had the best time on my visit. I got to see so many past clients and a lot of new ones, too! I also got to see my family (which I miss already) and we had the best time. I miss my little J man and sisapoo (my niece). I'll have some pictures of them to post coming up, so you all will get to see how big they're getting!!

Anyway, back to this blog post. I had the pleasure of meeting up with S&B in Grand Rapids, Ohio. I had talked to Miss S several times over email but this was the first time that I actually got to meet both of them. What a great couple! They are getting married next October which will be here before we know it! So, enough of me talking.....here are a few sneak peeks from the session.

Another Gorgeous Family with 2 great kiddos!...Julie Marie Portraits, Delaware Family Photographer

You'll remember this gorgeous mom from a blog post in August. She's the one that we all envy at the beach b/c she has the best body ever!!! Well, I had the pleasure of meeting the whole family the other day. The kids were great. Mr. R wasn't quite sure if he wanted to get his picture taken, but he did great! Gorgeous A was great, too....she was a trooper and stayed out the longest for some pictures.

Just mom and dad and their two puppies

Thanks, guys! It was great meeting everybody!


Ocean City Engagement Fun....Julie Marie Portraits, Maryland Wedding Photographer

I had the pleasure of finally meeting up with H & C. I had been talking with H for quite some time on email, and we finally got to meet up for the engagement pictures. As you will see in the pix below, you can truly tell how much these two love each other. They were great - we started out on the beach (with it being very windy) and they were up for anything. They also had a fun side to them, which made for a fun photo shoot! Thanks, guys! It was great meeting everybody!


Some Exciting Baby News....

Well, I have been waiting patiently to put up a post to announce that Josh and I are having a baby!! We are super excited (and still a little bit shocked), but definitely getting use to the idea of having a little one running around! Of course, we are going to find out what we're having, so you'll have to stay tuned and keep checking out the blog for updates!


S+C= Gorgeous Wedding Day

Remember S&C's engagement pix in Love Park this summer up in Philly? Well, they just got married, and what a beautiful wedding it was! The venue was gorgeous with an outdoor ceremony....lots of greenery, beautiful flowers and a waterfall. The ceremony was just beautiful, too. They had the rabbi read different things that they had each written down about the other, and it did bring a few tears just listening to it. You can truly tell how much these two love each other. Congratulations, S & C!! Hope you are enjoying married life! :)

This first one was pretty much says it all....I think everybody had a great time!

Loved the pink dresses and flowers!

The groom's beautiful niece...

Just having some fun...

Loved this girl's jewelry and dress, too. Of course, I asked her where she got it, and she got it in England...Do you think J will take me there to get some jewelry? (doubtful!) :)
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