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Wow....is all I can think of when I think of S&M's wedding. It was absolutely gorgeous! It was held on the grounds of the Fonthill Museum near Philly and it turned out to be a gorgeous day along with a gorgeous bride and her handsome groom! The bride's dress was absolutely gorgeous and she had two great pairs of shoes to go along with it! I loved all of the details in the wedding from the sunflowers to the wedding painter (you'll see more on this) to the S&M BBQ sauce as gift favors!!

Anyway, enough of me talking.....here is my new favorite shot:

They had a wedding painter and she was incredible. You can check out her work at http://www.joanzylkin.com

How cool are these!!!

Check out the personalized BBQ sauce....S&M are their initials...too cute!


JenV said...

Wow, gorgeous photos!!!

Diana Vicente said...

Your photos never cease to amaze me!!!!!!!
Absolutely unique & beautiful!

Christina said...

Everything is absolutely gorgeous! And photography is amazing.

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