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JET is 3 Months Old Today | Julie Marie Portraits | Chicago Children's Photographer

 I can hardly believe that my little Johnny aka John John aka John Emerson is 3 months old today.  He has brought us so much joy and happiness! He has the best personality...so happy, smiles so much and can be just as stubborn as his brother!  We're still trying to get a nap routine down, but night time is going great!  I, also, can't believe that he started rolling from his tummy to his back just today!  Where is the time going....we need to slow it down just a bit!  Aside from Johnny being 3 months old, we are preparing for Jakers to turn 3 very soon ...how can that be! 
Big brother Jake is FINALLY enjoying his baby brother!  He loves to talk to him and make him laugh!

 And we love our Blabla dolls...thanks, Aunt Jiji!


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