Sunglasses & The Lake by Jen.....Julie Marie Portraits, Delaware Children's Photographer

My super talented sister called me and said she had gotten two great photos of my niece and nephew and she wanted to send them to me to tweak a bit and she wants to order some large stand-outs of the pix for up at the lake! Well, she did an awesome job and I can't help but share them on my blog....aren't these just the cutest pix ever and it makes me miss them even more!! :(

Funny story...my sister and her family are up at the lake this week for the 4th of July. Anyway, I was talking to J man last night and told him that if he can get my niece to say, "Aunt JuJu" or even just "JuJu", I'll buy him a combine b/c that's what he really wants, but it has to be a BIG one!! So, last night on the phone, J had this conversation with his 1.5yr old sister.
Jack: "Julio (that's what he calls her), you need to say Aunt JuJu. please"
Julio: "dada dada"
Jack: "no, Julio...you need to say aunt juju so I can get a combine"
Julio: "dada dada"
Jack: "Juwee (sometimes I'm juwee or aunt juju), she won't say it but I still need a combine, pwease!"

Too funny and boy do I miss them!! i can't wait to see them soon!
But.....we have our niece and nephews from Pittsburgh coming into town to celebrate the 4th of July!! We plan on heading to the beaches and hanging out at the pool!! We can hardly wait for them to get here!!!

So, I hope everybody has a great 4th of July and a safe one, too!


Another Fun Engagement Session...Julie Marie Portraits, Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

I had the pleasure of shooting another engagement session in Philly with another great couple! I met them a while back, and we decided to meet up around the art museum in Philly for their engagement session (again, my first time seeing this area). The landscape around the museum was absolutely gorgeous. I could have stayed there all day long just shooting!

Anyway, this couple was a blast! They're just so much fun and full of life! You can definitely see how much they love each other! While walking around, they also were telling me about the wedding, and I can't wait until it comes. They've put a lot of thought into the details, so keep checking back for their September wedding. Also....S mentioned that she got some pretty neat shoes for the wedding, so I can't wait to see those, too! Thanks, S&M (yes, that's their initials)! Hope you enjoy your sneak peeks!


Love Park Fun.....Julie Marie Portraits, Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

I had the pleasure of meeting up with S&C in downtown Philly for a fun engagement session. I talked to S over email, and he had suggested that we meet up at Love Park. I, actually, had never met them in person nor had I ever been to Love Park, so it was great getting to actually meet them! They were up for anything and were so much fun! We literally just walked around a big block in downtown Philly and had a great engagement session! I can't wait for their wedding to come in September! Thanks, S&C!! It was so great meeting you guys, and I hope you enjoy your sneak peeks!!


Inspiring Decorator Tips From Isabella and Max Rooms -- Julie Marie Portraits

For those of you that know my sister, she is a decorating freak. She really should have gone into interior decorating, but she never did. Instead, she gets to be a SAM to her two kiddos (who I miss tremendously right now) and decorate her homes. She's my go to person for ideas to see if something looks right, etc.... She makes my dad crazy b/c he's usually the one that does the painting for her, and she typically is not happy with a paint color until they've changed it 3-4 times (no kidding!). Anyway, she got me hooked on a decorator's blog, and right now, this blogger is giving away some free goodies. The blog is called Isabella and Max Rooms, and I love following it. I love seeing her transformations and getting her budget friendly tips. (she shops at target, michaels, etc...) Anyway, go on over and check out her blog, http://isabellaandmaxrooms.blogspot.com or just click on the title to this post and it will take you there! If you leave a comment on her blog post, you'll also be entered to win her contest giveaway! Good Luck!


Double the Fun in Ocean City....Julie Marie Portraits, Ocean City, MD Photographer

Most of you know that I have an identical twin sister, so when this mom emailed me and asked me to do photographs of her little 3.5yr old little twin guys, I couldn't wait! Meet T & T....both super cute and so much fun and boy do they look alike! You can tell them apart, but it was definitely hard remembering which one was which! :) Anyway, they were going to be vacationing in Ocean City, MD, so mom asked if I would be interested in doing photos there. She also mentioned that one of the little guys probably wouldn't look at the camera....but I think Mom will be happy with what she sees below! Thanks, guys! It was great meeting all of you and hope you enjoy your sneak peeks and the rest of your vacation!
This was at the end of the session......splish splashing in the puddles!

My favorite:

Just Mom & Dad....

Best Buds

For this last one, mom had mentioned that she would like to get some of T showing off his scars and what he had been through in his first 3.5 yrs of life......3 surgeries, but I think they're done and no more surgeries! He is one little brave guy!


I'm Back....Julie Marie Portraits, Delaware Beach Photographer

It seems like forever since I've posted anything on my blog, but we've been crazy busy. We were in Pittsburgh for a long weekend, and it just seems like we've been on the go non-stop.

Anyway, I'm glad to be back and share you photos from a session that I took with a great family! First of all, a big THANK-YOU to them for being so patient and kind. We had made plans to meet at Henlopen State Park along the Delaware beach, but I didn't realize there were TWO entrances.....and yep...you guessed it....I went to the wrong location. They were so much fun, and the little kiddos were absolutely gorgeous. They also coordinated in black/white outfits, and it looked great! In fact, on the way home, I was texting my sister-in-law and said we need to do the black/white outfits for our beach pictures in July!
Thanks again everyone! It was so much fun meeting everybody! Hope you enjoy your sneak peeks!

How cute are these kiddos!?!?!?!

The Whole Gang

Just Feet......including Gracie's (the dog)

Isn't she just gorgeous!

Gracie.....the most adorable gentle giant!

Lots more coming, so stay tuned!


Meet Miss O & Mr. A.....Delaware, Children's Photographer

Meet Miss O & Mr. A......two gorgeous & adorable kiddos that I got to meet up with and have some fun photographing. I had talked to mom a few times on email (she got my info from another client, so thank-you!). She also mentioned that this would be their first time getting pix like this done other than the typical picture people, sears, etc... No pressure, there, huh!! Mom also had said she knew of a great area in Maryland that we could go check out, and I'm so glad we did because it was a beautiful area along the water.

So, now, I'm just getting this blog post up, but I was able to get Miss O up as my blog header before this post, and I received the nicest note from mom on facebook..."Julie, the picture of O on your blog page brought tears to my eyes...I didn't even realize it was her at first....wow!"

Well, enough of me talking.....Thanks "A" family....it was great meeting all of you and hope you enjoy the sneak peeks!!
Love these two of A & O!

Just the boys....

And just the girls....

The whole gang...


1 Beautiful Sister & 3 Handsome Brothers.....Julie Marie Portraits, Delaware Children Photographer

This is the 3rd family in the last couple of months with 4 kiddos.......again only 1 sister in the bunch and the rest are handsome little guys!!

I had the pleasure of meeting & photographing this gorgeous family! The kids were super, and the newest member of the bunch was so, so sweet and didn't even make a peep. Miss R was so much fun and up for anything.....one of her brother's found the flower, so we broke off the stem and put it in her hair....luv it! (see my blog header picture)...She also had fun taking pictures with my camera and braved the rain to get a few last shots in.....Oh, and I also got a hug from her before I left...too sweet! Anyway, thanks "B" family....hope you enjoy your sneak peeks!

This first one is my favorite from the session....luv all of their expressions in it!

The 2nd oldest brother....very handome!

The oldest of the bunch.....very handsome, too!

The newest member....only 5 weeks old! So tiny and precious!

A little vintage touch....it really was raining while taking this shot with the umbrella!


A Country Wedding....Julie Marie Portraits, Pennsylvania Wedding Photographer

I had the pleasure of photographing this wedding a few weeks ago near Lancaster, PA. It was held on the grounds of the Pheasant Run Farm Bed and Breakfast. It was such a beautiful venue for a wedding. Although it was a rainy day, we did sneak out to get some photos. They were hoping to hold the ceremony outside, but at the last minute, the groomsmen moved all of the chairs inside because the weather did not hold out. The rain didn't stop them from having a wonderful wedding, though! Thanks, guys! Hope you had an awesome time on your honeymoon!

The horse wanted to join in the fun!

You could really see the great friendship she had with her bridesmaids!

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