Fall Session=Holiday Cards...... Julie Marie Portraits, Delaware Portrait Photographer

Just a reminder to those of you who are wanting to do some fun fall pictures for your holiday cards, you need to book your session now as October and November are almost completely booked. Please call or email me at 419.343.7268 or by email at www.juliemarieportraits@ymail.com

If you are interested in doing a mini-session, I may consider doing this. Just email me if interested!

A Handsome Big Brother, A Beautiful Little Sis and a Super Cute Lab! Julie Marie Portraits, Delaware Portrait Photographer

Ok, I am so behind on blogging.........but check out this gorgeous family below. I had so much fun meeting up with them at their home. Their back yard was up next to a piece of land that was just perfect for pictures.

Anyway, meet Mr. B and his little sister L. B was starting school the next day after our session, so I hope it went well!
Miss L was a little sleepy during the session. She wasn't up for smiling much and she kept yawning and the next thing we knew, she was sound asleep in her mama's arms...so precious!

Anyways, thanks guys!!! It was great meeting you and I hope you enjoy your sneak peeks!

The Whole Gang (including their super cute black lab!)

Her gorgeous blue eyes (except I debated on whether to put this one up in color so you could see her eyes but black/white won!)

Best Buds!

Hope everybody has enjoyed their summer!! Today felt like a fall day in Delaware....and it's now getting dark by 8pm. I was just complaining about the heat, but I'm thinking that I should stop b/c I'm really not ready for winter!!


My Staycation!! Julie Marie Portraits, Delaware Beach Photographer

My family came in from Ohio last week, and we had the best time ever! The kiddos swam a ton and we got to get some shopping in and hit the beach. What more could you ask for!! :) This morning, though, was super sad....I hated to see my sister and her family leave....especially my niece and nephew. They are just too much fun, and you just can't get enough of them!! Of course there were tears this morning and my nephew would ask me if I was going to cry when they left...and of course, I said yes. I asked him if he was going to cry and he said..."um, maybe just a wittle!!" :)

Anyways, my mom wanted to get some family pictures done, so we went over to the beach. Of course, when we got there, it started to rain....but luckily, it cleared up enough to get some photos.

The whole gang!

My sister and her family

Nana & Papa with J & J

My beautiful niece....

My handsome nephew...


4 Super Handsome Guys!!! Julie Marie Portraits, Delaware Beach Photographer

I had the pleasure of meeting up with this gorgeous family at Lewes Beach. Check out the 4 boys.....aren't they super handsome!! Well, they were just as much fun, too! The boys were so well mannered and were up for anything. I just love photographing families like this especially when you get to see how much they love each other! So, anyway, thanks, guys!! It was great meeting all of you!! Hope you enjoy the rest of your vacation!!

Best Buds!


Bethany Beach Fun! Julie Marie Portraits, Delaware Beach Photographer

I had the pleasure of meeting up with this great family at Bethany Beach. This was my first visit to Bethany Beach, and I loved it!! So, anyway, back to this family. They have 3 great kiddos who were so much fun for the entire session. We met out on the boardwalk and then walked down to the beach...

Just some sandy feet!!

The Whole Gang:

The beautiful big sis....

And the end of the session.....(i wished I could have joined them in the water!!) :)

Thanks, guys!! It was great meeting all of you and hope you enjoy the rest of your vacation!


One Cute Family....Julie Marie Portraits, Delaware Portrait Photographer

Meet the "S" family....they have a super cute dog named Riley.....she was the best dog ever and she had the cutest pink collar. (my dog would never bet that good for a photo session) :) Anyway, we went over to Bowers Beach area and just walked around for the session. Thanks, guys! It was great meeting you and hope you enjoy your sneak peeks!


Remember this Senior? Julie Marie Portraits, Delaware Senior Portrait Photographer

Remember Miss A? She was my senior spokes model and it was time for her 2nd session. Anyway, I had the pleasure of meeting up with her again, and she was quite the trooper. It was in the 90's and hot as heck, but of course, she looked beautiful. We ended up in downtown Dover and then hit a park nearby. Thanks A -- It was great to see you again. Hope you enjoy the pix!

Hope everybody has a great weekend!


Remember Miss R? Julie Marie Portraits, Washington, DC Portrait Photographer

While I was driving back from this shoot in DC, I called my mom just to talk. She was asking me who I had a session with and I told her and she was like...oh, she's that beautiful girl that you photographed back in the spring! Well, yep....she was right. Remember Miss R? I had the pleasure of photographing her again. This is only the second time that I've gotten to see her, but both times have been great. It's like hanging out with one of your girlfriends that you've known forever!! She had suggested doing the shoot around the Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument, and I'm so glad we did. It's so pretty around there....we just walked around and chatted the whole session. So, enough of me talking.....here are the latest pix of the beautiful Miss R:
Love this first one with Washington Monument behind her

Thanks, R! It was great seeing you again! Hope you enjoy your sneak peeks!!


She Looks LIke a Model!!!....Julie Marie Portraits, Delaware Senior Portrait Photographer

Meet Miss M.....as I was going through her pictures, I was like.....wow...she looks like a model!!! She is absolutely gorgeous, and I so wish I had legs like hers!!!! Anyway, we met up to do some senior pictures, and we went over to a beach that is close to my home. It was a great spot b/c this beach area is just a run down fishing town. She had some friends, her mom and her doggy(or rather I think this is her mom's baby) :) come along, and they were great. We snuck her dog in a few pictures per her mom's request, and I just love this first one!!

Thanks, M!! It was great meeting you!! Hope you enjoy your sneak peeks!


I so wish I looked like this!! Julie Marie Portraits, Delaware Portrait Photographer

Meet K....she is a fitness trainer (www.unveilingtherealyou.com) for women and has the best body ever!!! I would love to look like her!!! Anyway, she contacted me a while back about doing some photos, and I finally had had the opportunity to meet up with her and take some photos at her home (which by the way is absolutely gorgeous!!). Thanks, K! It was great meeting you and here are a couple sneak peeks!!

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