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This photo was submitted to a couple of photo contests and in one of the contests, it's been selected into the final round.  Hopefully there will be more to come on this!

If you get a chance, please click on the picture and vote for Dexter!  Dexter thanks you (and so do I)!!!!


The "Pumpkin"

I was looking through my files for some "pumpkin" pix  to post and came across these.  This lovely pumpkin was carved by Miss E and her Papa.  (you'll remember Miss E from a few weeks back).    

*CANVAS SALE* Ends Friday, 10/31/08

*Having trouble with my blog tonight, so I'm starting over*
*CANVAS SALE REMINDER: 20% off but orders must be to me by Friday*

This is just one of my newly purchased canvases!  I just love it.  It's one of our engagement pix.

Of course, I couldn't not post this one of Dex!  This is his famous pose - paws crossed.
Just a picture of fall to share with you...this is on our dining room table.  Everybody knows how I love fall, but today in Detroit, it really doesn't feel like fall....it's more like winter!


Couldn't forget about my niece tonight... Julie Marie Portraits

I felt guilty only posting pix of my nephew this weekend, so I had to stick one in of J, my niece.  You can't help but want to eat her up when you see her b/c as soon as you walk into the room, she smiles from ear to ear!  

Of course, this last picture is of my nephew, J, and this is the reason why he likes to come visit me.....he gets to get my lawnmower out and pretend he's mowing! 

Off to bed....it's been a long evening of retouching/processing pix!

Detroit Downtown - Julie Marie Portraits

Fall Day in Detroit - Julie Marie Portraits

Today, I left J home with Uncle J and went out for a shoot.  Just wanted to share the fall scene...Oh, how I love fall, but I'm not a big fan for what comes next!


J @ Aunt JuJu's - Julie Marie Portraits

I was suppose to go out of town for the weekend, but plans changed.  Instead, I went down to OHIO (go buckeyes!), and we all went to visit Great Grandpa today because he's leaving for Florida for the winter.  We had the best time and yes, J did get to feed great grandpa's fishies in the pond!

After our visit, I decided to bring J up to my house for a sleepover.  We decided to walk over to the park, and here are a few of my favorites from this evening...

J was so excited b/c there was a digger near the park.  He went to stand by it, but do you think I could get him to look at me....um, NO!  

After he got over the excitement of the digger, we made it to the park and had the best time!

I bet you're wondering what J is looking at in the picture below......
Well, he was watching the airplane that was going in between the clouds....


THE CUTEST LITTLE PUMPKIN...made by J. (Julie Marie Portraits)

J, my nephew, made the cutest little pumpkin at school the other day.  I just love it....in fact, I asked him where mine was, but he was too busy playing with his tractor to answer me! :) 

Now that I'm thinking about it, I guess I forgot to tell you about my nephew and school.  The first time he went (he only goes on Mondays for a couple of hours), he cried the whole time.  After that first day, if you asked him what he did at school, he'd say, "I cried", with the cutest little grin!  As the weeks have went by, it's gotten better for him.  In fact, when you would ask him how school was, he replied, "i only cry a wittle", which was true!  He would only cry "a wittle" right at first but as soon as he was there, he was fine.   Now, as of this past Monday, if you ask him how school is, he replies, "i only cry a wittle bit then i ok"

 The funniest thing about this little guy is that he has the best memory (he gets that from his dad for sure...definitely not his mama).  These past few Mondays, he's gotten up in the morning and the first thing he says to his mama is, "I go school next Monday", but his mama is quick to reply, "i know you'll go to school next Monday, but you can also go today"!   (I don't know...if it were me having to take him to school, I'd probably just give into him and let him stay with me to play but I'm his aunt and I'm allowed to do something like that! :)

The niece and nephew....again!! (my favorite posts)

This week has been a little rough....there will be more to come on that (it's both exciting and sad).....hence the few posts this week.  (I promise I will get more posts done!!)  However, whenever I see these two in the pix below, all I can do is smile!  

I believe this is J's favorite hat right now b/c it's a "John Deere" hat.  He is more or less obsessed with lawnmowers, tractors, etc.... (this was a gift from nana & papa, so he thinks they're pretty cool but wait til you see down below....)
My niece...had to show off her beautiful flower headband....She has no choice but to be
a girly-girl!!
How will her mommy & daddy ever say no to that face!?!?! 

Well, J thought his Nana & Papa were cool when they got him that John Deere hat, but now, they're extra super cool b/c Nana found this digger/backhoe tractor for him.   In fact, he even told Nana, "that's pretty cool".  I was even lucky enough to get a call from the little rascal yesterday cuz he wanted to tell me about his really cool tractor!  (gotta luv it!)


Canvas Sale ends Oct. 31st = 20% off

(this is just to show the 1.5" thickness)

I wish I had a bigger home b/c I would have canvases hanging everywhere!  They are like pieces of art!  Anyway, if you are interested in ordering a canvas, make sure you get your order in by 10/31/08 to get your 20% discount.

Above are a couple of canvases (size 16x20) that I will be delivering tomorrow.  
(aren't they just the cutest little guys ever!!)


The "B" sisters....

Meet the "B sisters...aren't they just beautiful!  The younger sister, "N", was the best assistant today.  She carried my bag around to everyplace we went.  "L", the big sister won a pageant and will be competing in one in November...I guess you can tell how she won the last pageant!  Anyway, thanks for today - it was a lot of fun and you girls are beautiful!! 


Couldn't resist....some more pix of my niece

So, after the party today, we ran some errands and made it back to my sister's house.  My niece had her tutu on, so we took her outside and she posed just like a little professional model.  

Happy Halloween...a couple of weeks early!

Today, I came down to visit my niece and nephew and we went to a Halloween Party.  We all met up at a pumpkin patch and had the best time.  There were lots and lots of pumpkins, gourds, tractors, goats and chickens (which were a hit with the kiddos).  After the pumpkin patch, we headed over to the "S' family's home for a fun-filled party.  Here are some of my fav pix from today.  As you can see, this is my biggest post, but I couldn't resist posting all of the kids! 
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