Couldn't forget about my niece tonight... Julie Marie Portraits

I felt guilty only posting pix of my nephew this weekend, so I had to stick one in of J, my niece.  You can't help but want to eat her up when you see her b/c as soon as you walk into the room, she smiles from ear to ear!  

Of course, this last picture is of my nephew, J, and this is the reason why he likes to come visit me.....he gets to get my lawnmower out and pretend he's mowing! 

Off to bed....it's been a long evening of retouching/processing pix!


JenV said...

great pictures!!!!

Jodi said...

Julie....cute pictures as usual! And I PROMISE I'll be putting up pictures of Alexis soon, hopefully tonight....I've been so busy its been crazy. She is adorable (if I do say so myself!) and we are so glad that Mommy and baby are doing well. Keep watching, pictures will be here soon :) Hope you and the family are all doing well. Take care and stay warm!

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