Dexter Dog out in the Field...Julie Marie Portraits, Delaware Portrait Photographer

Dexter and I were out playing fetch and the ball went into the field. Dexter went out to fetch it BUT it was nowhere to be found.


Class of 2010.....Meet Miss A...Julie Marie Portraits, Delaware High School Senior Photographer

Ok...I feel really old writing the class of 2010....I'm thinking WOW...I graduated both high school & college in the 90's.
Anyway, I had the pleasure of meeting up with A to try some fun things for her senior pictures. She has the most gorgeous eyes, and she is quite stunning as you will see in the pix below. (Don't you think she looks like a model!!!)
The rain put a damper on some plans, but she was great and we checked out a park in Dover.....glad we stopped in there because it made for some great pictures! Thanks A....here's your sneak peek: (sorry...i'm posting a lot but I had so many that I just love)


My Favorite Kiddos!!...Julie Marie Portraits, Delaware Portrait Photographer

Over the weekend, J and I went into Pittsburgh to visit his family, and my family also came in! There was a wedding shower on Saturday, but I have to say that the best thing about this trip was getting to see our nieces and nephews! I hate that we live so far away from these kiddos and can't see them every week, but when we do get to see all of them, we have the best time! Here are just a few pictures of the kiddos from the weekend... Oh...and be on the lookout because the 5 kiddos below are all going to be in our wedding!!! I can hardly wait!


Announcing....JMP has a new website! Julie Marie Portraits, Delaware Portrait Photographer

FINALLY....JMP has a new website. Be sure to check it out at www.juliemareiportraits.com
It's been a super busy week with getting the website up and running, proofing pix and getting ready for a trip to Pittsburgh this weekend!!
Keep checking in......lots & lots of exciting stuff going on right now!
More to come......

Anyway, you know I can't leave you without one picture in this post, so here you go:

Have a good night!


3 Beautiful Girls....Julie Marie Portraits

Check out these 3 beautiful sisters. I seriously could have taken them all home with me. They were so much fun and each had their own great personality.

I just love this one....she was the little model...


Another Sneak Peak....Julie Marie Portraits, Delaware Children's Photographer

I got to meet up with another great family today for a photo session. Mom had a great idea on traveling to St. Andrews for some pictures, so we ventured over there and walked around the beautiful campus.
Thanks K Family...it was great meeting all of you today! Here's your sneak peek:

Meet the J Family.....Julie Marie Portraits, Delaware Children's Photographer

I had the pleasure of meeting up with the J family and what a great bunch of kiddos...all 5 of them...yep, that's right 5 kids!! Mom had emailed me and said I wouldn't be bored photographing their family, and she was right! The kiddos were great, and I had a great time. It was so nice meeting all of you!


Weekend in Chicago... Julie Marie Portraits, Delaware Portrait Photographer

Well, J and I went to Chicago for a quick visit over the weekend. We joked about it b/c to be quite honest, we spent the majority of our time in the car getting to the airport, on the plane and riding on the subway & we left 75 degree weather to spend time in 45 degree weather! (who's complaining, though!) :)

We got in on Friday and my sister and her husband met us there on Saturday. Well, you're wondering what we did in Chicago? WE WALKED & SHOPPED & WALKED & SHOPPED, but we had a great time. (We also ran into a friend of ours who I went to grade school and high school with, so it was great seeing her and her family) Anyway, I came across a (new to me) jewelry line called Alexis Bittar. (actually, my sister is the one who was on a mission to find some of his jewelry) and sure enough, we found it. She ended up buying these beautiful earrings for me as a wedding shower gift (J was fine with this b/c he says the wedding and shower gifts are all for me b/c he'll never use any of it) and I had to pick up one of his bangle bracelets to go with the earrings. Anyway, you'll have to check it out. He has some great lucite jewelry and fun colors out for spring/summer.

And last but not least....a picture of J & I taken from my cell phone camera on a break from shopping on Saturday in Chi-town:

Stay tuned....a lot more coming up and a lot more sessions to post soon! Also, you'll have to stop in Bel Boutique in downtown Dover to check out their new gallery wrapped canvases from our photoshoot....very cool, if I might add! :)


Check It Out... Julie Marie Portraits, Delaware Portrait Photographer

Check it out! J showed me the Delaware State Newspaper today and guess what was inside? A picture that I took for Bel Boutique was featured in their write-up about the upcoming Spring Splendor Fashion show on April 19th in downtown Dover.
Anyway, if you are attending the fashion show, just mention this when you book a session with me and you can receive $25 off your next regularly priced session!

Hope you all have a good weekend!! Happy Easter and Passover!
I'm off to Chicago.....more to come, so keep checking in on my blog!


Two Sisters & Their Cousin.... Julie Marie Portraits, Delaware Children's Photographer

(I want her mama's legs in the picture below)


An Ohio Wedding....Julie Marie Portraits, Delaware Wedding Photographer

You all know how I love going back to visit Ohio....Well, this past weekend, I had the pleasure of photographing a beautiful wedding in Bluffton, Ohio. The bride was absolutely stunning, and she was as calm as could be. She's also my cousin, so it was so good to see a lot of my family.

Thanks, L & S and Congratulations! Have a great time in Riviera Maya!!!

The beautiful flower girl:

The pearls in her bouquet are actually her grandmother's (her grandmother is also my aunt)

Somebody was having fun trying to blow bubbles.....

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