My Sweet Baby Boy is 4 Months Old | Julie Marie Portraits

Somebody is 4 months old....


Just Doing Some Catching Up | Julie Marie Portraits

Love, love, love this family of 4 boys.....they are such a beautiful family, and although we're not having anymore kiddos, seeing this family always makes me think 2 more boys would be fun! :)


3 Years Old Pix | Julie Marie Portraits

I can't hardly believe that my first baby turned 3 this past Monday.  It just amazes me as to how time flies the older I get!  Anyway, Jake got his haircut tonight. When we got home, he grabbed his mower, and I grabbed my camera.  I bribed him to smile at me with some chocolate kisses and told him to jump and run...of course he was more than willing to do that!   These have got to be some of my favorite pix ever of him.  They depict him to a T!  He is my strong-willed, independent, loving little wild man that doesn't sit still unless he's reading a book or playing on the ipad.  Oh, how I love him!!!


Happy 3rd Birthday, Jakers! | Julie Marie Portraits

Happy 3rd Birthday to my sweet boy!  I can hardly believe that he's 3 today!  Love him! 

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