Two Little Handsome Guys....Julie Marie Portraits, Delaware Children's Photographer

I got to meet this great family and spend some time with them in their backyard and then over at the park. These two little guys were super handsome and really could have cared less that the camera lady was following them around. The reason why I love photography is because of the image on my blog header and the first one below.....I love, love, love the candid shots of kiddos with somebody that they just love so much...in this case, little C with his mama!! That type of image is just priceless and the type that you always will look back on and think how much fun the kiddos were at that age. Anyway, thanks "P" family. It was so nice to meet you and what a great family you are!!

Love the next two, as well... C just adores his older brother, J!

Love this shot....bare feet in the grass


It's Official.....Mr. & Mrs....Julie Marie Portraits, Delaware Wedding PHotographer

Well, it's official. Josh and I were married on Sunday, and it was absolutely amazing! My parents did such an amazing job with their property and everything turned out perfect. It was a very small and intimate wedding....just what I had dreamed of, and I couldn't have asked for anything more! One of the only reasons why I wanted a small wedding was so that I could have pictures of it, and I picked the most amazing photographer to capture these. Her name is Kellee Laser of Kellee Laser Photography, and she is the best!! If you're wanting to see some pictures, check out her blog at: http://kelleelaser.typepad.com/ or click on the title of this post.

Well, anyway, we're back in Delaware (although I miss my family and wish we were still back in Ohio or Pittsburgh). The first thing I did this morning was get my hair cut. I hadn't had it cut for quite some time b/c I needed to let it grow out so that I could wear it up for my wedding. It was really weird today, b/c as I was talking to my hair stylist, I said something about my fiance...oops, I mean husband.... It's sort of weird saying that, but I love it!!! Hope you enjoy some sneak peeks of our wedding day over on Kellee's blog!!

Some cool personalized dessert plates that we received from my sister and her family....they're by Jessica Rust Designs.....very cool!! (Thanks V Family!)

Handsome Baby Boy...Julie Marie Portraits, Delaware Portrait Photography

Well, I went back to Ohio to get married and was not doing any jobs since I knew it'd be really busy and hectic, but when I found out a long time friend of mine had just had a baby, I had to take my camera over there to get some shots of their new baby boy....so, introducing Baby B....isn't he just the most handsome little guy ever!!!

I couldn't resist getting a picture of their dog....(i'm a sucker for labs)


How Appropriate....Julie Marie Portraits, Delaware Wedding Photographer

How appropriate is it for me to leave you with this wedding post just 7 days before my very own wedding!!!!

If you remember a while back, I did an engagement shoot with this wonderful couple and last night they tied the knot. It was a beautiful wedding and a fun one, too....! Congrats to D&C......hope you enjoy your sneak peek!

Love this picture of the groom dancing with his daughter....look at how the light captures their faces....

Sealing the deal: Mr. & Mrs......

Look closely...this little guy is capturing the bride dancing, too!

This last one pretty much sums up the bride's face throughout the entire day....a big smile!


Ginger & Jack...Julie Marie Portraits, Delaware Portrait Photographer

Meet Ginger & Jack....luv, luv, luv these doggies!! They were full of energy and they got to run around in the most beautiful yard ever.....I have never seen azalea bushes like this before. It was absolutely gorgeous....

Anyway, here are a few pix:


B + T in Fells Point...Julie Marie Portraits, Baltimore Wedding Photographer

Meet B & T....they are engaged and getting married in February...It seems like a long ways off, but it will be here before they know it!! Anyway, they suggested we try out Fells Point in Baltimore. I had never been there before, but it is my new favorite place. The area is gorgeous, and I could have walked around all day shooting pix!

So, thanks for a fun day, B & T! It was great to see you both again, and I hope you enjoy your sneak peek!
(WARNING....picture overload b/c I have too many favorites!) :)

Family Fun....Julie Marie Portraits, Delaware Children's Photographer

Meet the B family! I had the pleasure of photographing this family and what a fun bunch! They have 3 kiddos.....an almost 5 yr old (she's turning 5 on my wedding day), a 1.5 yr old and a new little guy. I could have taken any one of them home with me!! They were such cuties and a lot of fun. Thanks B family....it was so nice to meet all of you!
Here's a sneak peak....

On the Swing....

On the Run
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