Two Little Handsome Guys....Julie Marie Portraits, Delaware Children's Photographer

I got to meet this great family and spend some time with them in their backyard and then over at the park. These two little guys were super handsome and really could have cared less that the camera lady was following them around. The reason why I love photography is because of the image on my blog header and the first one below.....I love, love, love the candid shots of kiddos with somebody that they just love so much...in this case, little C with his mama!! That type of image is just priceless and the type that you always will look back on and think how much fun the kiddos were at that age. Anyway, thanks "P" family. It was so nice to meet you and what a great family you are!!

Love the next two, as well... C just adores his older brother, J!

Love this shot....bare feet in the grass


JenV said...

Awesome pix Julie!! What a cute family!!

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