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I recently traveled to Atlanta, GA for a weekend to photograph this spectacular bar mitzvah!  I met this family when I started going to Marco Island, FL with my hubby's family a few years ago, and I was thrilled when R's mom asked me to come down to photograph the big day!  

How handsome is he!
And can you say beautiful family!!!  The bottom left photo is one of my favs ever!  I love how this picture captures them.....so full of love!

The party then took place at the King Plow Arts Center.   What a great venue! 
Loved all of the photo booth gear for photos!
Loved the red hair, too!
R cracks me up...as I was going through editing the photos, I kept laughing every time I'd see the picture below (in the middle) - i was always getting a thumbs up or something from R!

The night was full of dancing.....the music was for lack of better word...AWESOME!  It was music that I grew up on....I loved it how all of the kiddos were dancing to it and singing along!

Thanks, B, Family!  I hope you enjoy!


What Didn't Get Blogged Part 2

Yes, I'm playing a little catch up from early summer....  I'll let the pictures do the talking for this gorgeous Virginia wedding.....

What Hasn't Been Blogged Part 1


Wishing You All.....

Happy Holidays!  I have some sessions to blog, but I thought I better wish you all Happy Holidays before 2012 gets here!


A Weekend Project?? | Julie Marie Portraits | Rochester, NY Photographer

Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving!  We spent Thanksgiving in Pittsburgh and had a great time visiting with family!

I wanted to share with you what was going on in our neighborhood.  I'll give you a little background on it...we live in the Park Avenue area of Rochester, and we absolutely love it!  It has beautiful old homes and lots of restaurants and shops that we're able to walk to.  It's a very quaint area.  I especially love that Jake and I can walk to get a coffee and cookie everyday at the coffee shop just down the street!   Anyway, our neighborhood had their 18th Annual Park Avenue Holiday Open House.   I wasn't really sure what to expect, so I took my time on venturing out to check it out.  I was amazed....there were so many people down here and all of the merchants were open for folks to stop in and shop, eat, and just mingle.  

So, because I wasn't sure what to expect, I went out with out a camera, but I did have my iPhone and was able to get a few pix.

I think my favorite thing was this newspaper wreath that was displayed in a store's front window.  How fabulous is this!  We were walking by, and I stopped to check out the beautiful (very full) wreath in the window and realized it was made out of newspaper.  

Doesn't it look great?  The other side is a dress made out of newspaper.
I tried to get up close to see how it was made....I'm thinking this could possibly be a weekend project to try?
And this was too funny.....we had just walked down the street and we saw Tigger & Big Bird walking down the side walk.  Jake was excited, scared and not sure what to think.  He wasn't into talking to Tigger at all, but he was somewhat excited to tell Big Bird hi & bye.  As you can see, Jake is squinting in the photo...that's because my iPhone flash is soooooo bright.  It's not the best picture, but I think Big Bird & Tigger look great!
Just a glimpse of the traffic lined up down the street looking for parking.  
Next year, I will be prepared as I know what to expect, and I will be out there earlier to do some shopping!
Have a great weekend!

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