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My Boys.....

I haven't posted any recent pix of the boys on the blog since 2015, so here's a quick look of my goofy boys.  Oh, how I love them, and I love how much they love each other!  They are....
- the best of friends
- hockey buddies, soccer buddies, basketball buddies
- kind
- ornery a lot of the times
- independant
- need each other to go upstairs to brush their teeth at night because they don't want to go up by    themselves when it's dark out
-They are my boys, and they are the absolute best!  Oh, how lucky I am!


DIY Kid's Bathroom Before/After

First off....I can't believe I'm blogging!  It's been so long, but I was just on my blog looking at old pictures of my boys, and it's made me want to try it again....even if it's just once in a while.

So why not show you one of my recent projects....the boys' bathroom transformation with just paint, decals, new lighting sconces and hardware.  We've lived in our house for a little over a year, and the boys' bathroom was not on a list of priority renovations even though the peachy/pink tile were not their thing!  I did some research on pinterest and decided that I would try painting the surrounding wall tile and paint the tile floor.  If it didn't work out, I figured it could bump the bathroom up on the priority list of being redone! :)

First off, I knew I wanted to make it brighter, more fun and try something I've never ever done before...doing it all by myself...yikes!

I pinned the Osborne and Little Best in Show wallpaper when I saw Urban Grace Interiors use it several years ago on my Boys' Bathroom Board.   I really thought about getting it last year and just having it hung with the peachy pink tiles, but I just couldn't get past the ugly tile color to want to do that.  My sister even located a place where I could order the wallpaper last year, but I never pulled the trigger for it.  I wallpapered our powder room with black and white striped wallpaper, and although I love it, I can see myself getting tired of it.  Plus, I hated to spend the money on more wallpaper.  However, I came across an instagram post  that showed what I thought was Best in Show wallpaper but was actually decals, and I knew that was the route to go.  I found the dog decals on Walls Need Love site.  I ordered the sheets of dog decals and got them right away.  Before I could apply them, I needed to finish the ceiling and built-in.  I've longed to do a "kelly green" room for the boys since it's both their favorite color.  Jake's room is actually connected to this bathroom, so the green coordinates with his green nightstands and accent pillows.  A friend of mine had just used Benjamin Moore Jade Green color (It's on the kelley green paint swatch but a tad darker), so i got to go see it in person and fell in love with it.  It's the perfect green color against the black/white, and my boys love it!

I would have to say probably the hardest part of the bathroom (besides painting the ceiling....can we say sore neck doing that!) was figuring out how to arrange the dog decals.  I cut them apart and stuck them on using painters tape (directions say to try this method before actually sticking them on).  I literally spent 3 hours cutting them out and taping them on the wall until I got it how I wanted.  But alas, I was able to apply the decals.  I could not believe how easy it was to use these decals and how easy it was to remove them and reapply if I didn't have it just right.  I have to say I'm sold on these!

And here are some of the before....amazing what a little bit of paint can do!

Source List:  Sconces, Hardware (still waiting on pulls to come), Benjamin Moore Jade Green, Gladden Gripper Primer for the tile 


Loving the Snow- Rockford, IL 2015

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