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Catching up on the blog.....

I was so excited when mom asked me to photograph Mr. A's bar mitzvah this past fall!  I had met this family a year ago at the beach, and fell in love with them.  This family has 4 of the nicest (and handsome, too) boys you could ever meet!  I just love getting to see them.

Anyway, I got to meet up with them on this special day in October.  The bar mitzvah was spectacular.  It was, actually, my first bar mitzvah ever.  It was such a special night for A, and wow....I can't even imagine how proud his mom and dad are of him.  He really is a special guy.  I think the thing that I love most about him is his love for his family....actually, that goes for all of them.  Family means the world to them.  Thank-you so much for allowing me to capture this special day for you and congratulations!


My Crazy Life

Not really crazy....just fun!  This past weekend, my mom, sister, niece and nephew came out to visit.  We had a great time although I was sick, my niece broke out in hives from being sick and taking an antibiotic, my little Jakers continues to have a cold/run a fever and my nephew had numerous coughing spells that resulted in using his breathing machine.....but other than that, I loved every minute with them, and I miss them so much already!  I just hate it when they leave...I know that i'll see them in a little over a month, but to me, it just never gets easier seeing them head back to the airport!

So......so much for trying to get 3 crazy kiddos to cooperate for pictures!  This is what we ended up with!


Everybody's Sick

Everybody's been sick in our household.....hence the quiet blog.
Stay tuned....more to come!


Hues & Textures Fun Journey | Julie Marie Portraits

I saw some fellow photographers post some images on facebook, and I remembered that Marta Locklear 
had started a journey for photographers to join in on to get refreshed from the busy season, the endless hours of editing and sleepless nights just trying to stay on top of everything.  Don't get me wrong....I absolutely love that, but it does take a toll by the end of the year, and I'm always ready for some downtime (& my husband is ready for me to be home too).  So....I decided to jump in on the fun....something that I can do in my own home, on my own time, and I don't even have to leave my baby boy behind to do this.

To start things off...the journey project is on week #8 (i'm really late on getting started with this project), and I'm jumping in on the color {yellow} and the texture {unlimited} week.

And to make this project even more fun....for each hue/texture journey that I do, my twin sister is going to show you how to decorate a room using the colors from the journey project. So go on over to Jennifer V Designs to check out her take on designing a room using this week's color!

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