Gobble, Gobble Says the Turkey!

I thought we'd kick off Thanksgiving week by making some rice krispie turkey pops!  Check out the link to see the recipe.  I saw these on a post on Facebook, and I thought it would be something fun for Jakey and I to make.

So, we pulled up a chair....
And he waited patiently for the candy corn to get opened.... He LOVES candy corn!  In fact I had one bag left over from Halloween that I was going to use for the turkey pops, but two guys in our household...( by the names of Dada & Jakey) ate all of the candy corn this week.  Luckily, we were able to walk over to the store today and find some candy corn on clearance for $.49/bag.  Great deal, huh!
So, while Jake ate candy corn, he watched me do all of the work, but it was fun listening to him say, "Gobble,Gobble" every time we talked about the turkeys.

Overall, they were very easy to make.  Obviously, mine do not look as good as the ones shown on the link, but it was something fun for Jakey and I to do together.

Hope everybody has a Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy Veteran's Day! | Julie Marie Portraits

Happy Veteran's Day!  Thanks to all who have and are currently serving.  A special thanks to my dad, Richard Schmucker, for serving and fighting for our freedom. What a great day it is to live in the United States of America!

My dad's old uniform

Jake's Haircut | Julie Marie Portraits | Rochester, NY Photographer

Last night we ventured out to get Jake's haircut.  I got on the website, Kids Out and About, to look for children's haircut places and found Haircuts for Peanuts.  It looked really cute online, so I thought we'd give it a try!

On Jake's previous haircuts, either Josh or I would have to sit with him to get his haircut, but not this time!  He got up in the chair and didn't even try to get down once.  They had a flat screen tv on with cartoons, balloons, candy (Jake's favorite M&M's) and it was painted really fun with bright colors and murals on the walls.

Overall, a cute little place for kiddos to get haircuts!  And before I forget....if you haven't been on Kid's Out and About, you should check it out.  What a great site!  I have found it useful so many times especially being new to Rochester!


A New York Hurricane Wedding Affair | Julie Marie Portraits | New York Wedding Photographer

They say that rain brings good luck on wedding days, so does a hurricane count for that as well?

I had the pleasure of traveling to Rhinecliff, New York to photograph one of the most beautiful, intimate weddings ever!  Oh, how I love a small, intimate wedding with so many details!  I would photograph a wedding like that every day of the year if I could!  The kicker with this wedding, though, was that it just happened to fall on the weekend that Hurricane Irene hit!   

Let me just say that I was a nervous wreck because I had to leave my husband and my Jakers home alone during the hurricane.  I pleaded with my husband to leave and go visit his family in Pittsburgh, but he said they'd be fine and not to worry.  Ha!  However, when I showed up at the Rhinecliff Hotel, most of my worries subsided as I was blown away at how gorgeous everything was in Rhinecliff, NY.  What a fabulous little town it is, and it lies right on the Hudson River!

So, in between the raindrops falling, I was able to get S&L outside to do some photos before the ceremony began.  What a classy couple they make and let me add that they were so, so nice!  They were up for anything and just went with the flow.  I think I was more anxious about the hurricane heading our way than they were.  They just wanted to celebrate their special day, and a little hurricane wasn't going to stop this from being a happy day!  

Side note:  After the wedding, I took off driving to get out of New York in hopes of avoiding the hurricane.  Let me just say that it was one of the worst drives ever.  The rain was so intense that I couldn't really see anything, it was windy and the roads all had puddling water.....I was probably pretty stupid for driving as far as I did, but luckily, my sister stayed up late making sure I was ok driving and found me the only available hotel room in the area that I was near.  Needless to say, the room went for over $400/night, but they were generous and gave it to me for $250 since I was checking in after midnight...what a steal, huh! (umm, no!)  After the power went out at 2am, I really couldn't sleep plus my cell phone didn't work, so I packed it up and started home.  I finally made it home to see my boys, and then I think I took a 3 hour nap after that.   What a fun, crazy weekend it was!  
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