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Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow! | Julie Marie Portraits

Hope everybody had a Merry Christmas!  We are having a great time hanging out with family!

Jakey hanging out with his cousins!


Wishing Everybody Happy Holidays | Julie Marie Portraits

Yikes...I have been so, so, so busy that I have neglected the blog.  I've been busy editing (almost all editing for 2010 is done), traveling, watching a little 8.5 month old crawl everywhere, climb onto everything, cut 4 teeth in 1 week and watching those toothy grins from my little man that just make my heart melt!

I have to say that 2010 has been the best year yet b/c of my little Jakers, and we are looking forward to having a great 2011!   We wanted to wish everybody Happy Holidays and cheers to a wonderful 2011!  Thank you to all of my wonderful clients for making  2010 a success!  I am so honored that I've been able to meet so many wonderful clients and capture so many moments, and I look forward to seeing everybody in 2011!

(lots of blog posts coming up after the holidays....i promise...I've just been too busy trying to get everybody's pix edited and orders completed!)


Another Cutie Blogged! | Julie Marie Portraits

Check out this cutie patootie!  He was so, so, so sweet!  He was a little shy, and I don't think he was quite sure of me, but we were able to get a few smiles out of him!! 
Love, Love, Love this one of him and his mama!  
When we got to this spot, he decided he wasn't going to look at me no matter what....so instead, he turned to give some kisses....so sweet!
 You can just see the love with this family in the pic below, huh! :)


Six Kids | Julie Marie Portraits

What a fun bunch this family was!  The kiddos were great and up for anything!  Mom also did a great job on the hats....I absolutely loved all of their hats.....and nobody even complained about putting on a hat!  How does that happen with six kids?  Anyway, hope you enjoy the photos!

Dad's idea on the circle....how fun is this!?!?!?!
I just had to include this one....

He Met Santa | Julie Marie Portraits

He wasn't exactly thrilled, but there were no tears!
 And check out his super cute hat that I got from Heartsmiles!  People are always asking what to dress their kiddos in for their session!  Well, I LOVE, LOVE hats, and I came across this store on etsy, and had to have this hat!  Any type of hat like this always looks great for pix! Plus...lots of layers on kiddos make for some fun pix, too!  You'll have to check out Heartsmiles on etsy....so many cute, cute things!! 


On a Roll.... | Julie Marie Portraits

I'm on a roll.....5th blog post this week!  Wahoo!

Check out this gorgeous little girl.......She was a hoot!  She was just so full of smiles and loved having a good time! My favorite was when mom asked if they could pull out baby Nemo for some pix!  Love it!  This is her lovey aka blankie aka her baby nemo!  It was so nice meeting Miss R!  Enjoy the photos, and everybody have a great weekend!

Mr. Handsome Little Smoochie! | Julie Marie Portraits

Check out this handsome little smoochie!  Isn't he just so cute, and just so lovable...
So, I had a hard time picking out ones for the blog, so you get an overload of them today!  It was so great meeting this family!  Enjoy!

Miss Cutie! | Julie Marie Portraits

Look at how big she is getting!  She is just the sweetest little girl, and I sometimes get jealous seeing all of her cute "girlie" clothes b/c I don't get to buy fun girlie things for my Jakers! :) Not only is she sweet, but she is just beautiful!  Hope you enjoy the pix!

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