Wishing Everybody Happy Holidays | Julie Marie Portraits

Yikes...I have been so, so, so busy that I have neglected the blog.  I've been busy editing (almost all editing for 2010 is done), traveling, watching a little 8.5 month old crawl everywhere, climb onto everything, cut 4 teeth in 1 week and watching those toothy grins from my little man that just make my heart melt!

I have to say that 2010 has been the best year yet b/c of my little Jakers, and we are looking forward to having a great 2011!   We wanted to wish everybody Happy Holidays and cheers to a wonderful 2011!  Thank you to all of my wonderful clients for making  2010 a success!  I am so honored that I've been able to meet so many wonderful clients and capture so many moments, and I look forward to seeing everybody in 2011!

(lots of blog posts coming up after the holidays....i promise...I've just been too busy trying to get everybody's pix edited and orders completed!)


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