Handsome Baby Boy...Julie Marie Portraits (Toledo, Ohio Photographer)

Meet handsome little C. When I met up with him, he was only 3 days old! I couldn't believe how awake and active he was! He was so sweet and you could see how much his mommy & daddy love him already! THanks, guys! It was great meeting little C. Hope you enjoy!

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Handsome Mr. L...Julie Marie Portraits, (Toledo, Ohio Photographer)

Some of you may remember this little guy from back in May when he was just a tiny newborn....and look at him now! He's getting so big and check out his gorgeous eyes!!! Love them!! He wasn't quite sure of the camera lady and the big camera, but all it took was his grandma to get him laughing!! We also got some shots with his mommy & daddy! Thanks, guys! It was great seeing you guys! Hope you enjoy!

Check out all of his little expressions...priceless!

Had to sneak one in with his grandma (she hates to have her picture taken)


Can they get any cuter? Julie Marie Portraits, Toledo, Ohio Photographer

You might remember P & P from a session that we did earlier this year......well, look at them now!! They are both getting so big and are both just beautiful!! Mom took me to a park (which was fantastic) & the girls had some fun running around!! Love, love, love their outfits too, but since mom likes black & whites, most of the post is in b/w. Anyway, the next day, I went to the same park with my niece & nephew. They were running around & my sister found a "pretty" which is a little decorative clip. I was like...that is P's (from this session). So, their mom ended up coming over and got her pretty and she and my sister taught me how to make "pretty's". :)

Thanks, guys!! It was great seeing you!!

Love, Love, Love this one.....look at her little expression...too cute!


Blog Post Overload...Julie Marie Portraits, Toledo, Ohio Photographer

Meet the S. Family. I met them through my husband when he was living in Toledo! They have the most gorgeous kiddos ever! (or handsome for J). I think the twins have a future modeling career out there!! Their parents are going to have a hard time when they start dating, but luckily, they have a handsome big brother to look out for them!! :) Anyway, enough of me talking....I'm pretty sure mom is anxious to see her pix!! Thanks, guys...it was great seeing everyone!


The Beautiful Miss L

He's all about sports!

Mom's idea...she had seen this somewhere else....luv it!

The Whole Gang:

After the cool location that mom found, we headed over to the school to get some football shots....

Remember this little cutie!! Julie Marie Portraits, Toledo, Ohio Photographer

Remember this little cutie? The last time I saw him was right before my wedding and he was just a tiny little newborn.
Well, look at him now....he's getting so big and what a handsome little guy!! He was quite the trooper as it was a little chilly out when we did the photo shoot. Anyway....it was great to see you guys!!! Enjoy the sneak peeks!


Meet the W Family.....Julie Marie Portraits, Toledo, Ohio Photographer

Meet the W family (they live next to my Mom & Dad) When Miss M was born, I loved going to my parents home so that we could go get her and hold her when she was a little baby & now look at her.....she's all grown up and it makes me feel really old!! And meet her little brother, C. He is the funniest & cutest little guy ever!! Anyway, I got to meet up with the whole gang and have some fun with pictures. Thanks, guys! It was great seeing everyone!


Family Fun....Julie Marie Portraits, Toledo, Ohio Photographer

You're going to remember two of the kiddos out of this bunch. They're one of my favorites to photograph. In fact, Miss A is not even a year old and this is the 3rd time that I've gotten to see her, and each time, I don't know how she and her handsome brother can get any cuter!!

Anyway, I had the pleasure of meeting more of the family. I met up with them at grandpa & grandma's house. The home was beautiful and on a beautiful piece of land....a perfect fall day, too! They were also a fun bunch....loved all of the kiddos running around. So, enough of me talking...here are a few sneak peeks!


My new favorite sister's shot....even with the lens flare in it!

Having some fun with the leaves!

Just the girls...

Gma & Gpa with the kiddos...(I told them all to make some funny faces and this is what we got!)

Does she not have the most beautiful blue eyes!?!?!?!!!

The Whole Gang!


Meet Beautiful Miss S... Julie Marie Portraits, Washington, DC Children's Photographer

I had the pleasure of meeting Miss S over the weekend. I've actually known her mom for quite some time as she is friends with my bff. Anyway, look at this beautiful little girl. (it makes me want to have a girl!) She was just the sweetest thing and was absolutely perfect in front of the camera! I seriously could have photographed her all day long.

Anyway, here are some sneak peeks! (I had a hard time narrowing it down)

Downtown DC

Miss T had emailed me a while back b/c she wanted to do a shoot with some of the DC monuments in the background, so i finally had the chance to meet up with her. What a great idea. I called my sister after the shoot and said she needs to bring the kids out for a visit so that we can do something like this! Anyway, we had a great time walking around. Luckily, she knew where everything was since I am no pro at getting around there. Hope you enjoy the sneak peeks!

This was actually at a sculpture garden...very cool place

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