Happy 1st Birthday to L! We love you so much!

Happy 1st Birthday to our niece, L!  (it's actually tomorrow but I couldn't wait to post these, so they're going up a little early)  It's hard to believe she's a year old already.  She is such a little princess, and you can't help but want to give her tons of hugs and kisses b/c she's so darn cute!  I just love her eyes....they sparkle all of the time!  

Anyway, I wanted to share a few pix from her party today.  


L & Nanny (my future mother-in-law that I am so blessed to be getting)
L & Saba...who is just wonderful (my future father-in-law)

K....(L's youngest brother and Dexter's best bud!) 
L who is L's oldest brother who is growing up way too quickly!!  


Fashion Show with the Flower Pin that Nana Made

I couldn't wait til the end of the weekend to post these b/c they are so darn cute!  Check out J with her new hats and new flower pin that Nana made.  (there will be more to come on the flower pins and if you want to order one, you can contact me)    I just love coming to see these guys...when I got here, J came running out the door (at full speed) and just jumped into my arms and was giving me lots of kisses and hugs and saying, "hi aunt juju".  He was so much fun tonight....he danced on the fireplace (aka his stage) and we all sang along with him.   And...Miss J was the best little model tonight.  I'm not certain how she gets any cuter b/c she's the cutest little girl ever!   And the best one is of J, J and their mama!      Off to bed....busy weekend.  Up next...a very special 1 year old birthday party. 


Busy Week Ahead.....and a few of my new favs

This week is a crazy week, so I likely won't get to any other posts until this weekend. (not enough time in the day)  Anyway, I just wanted to update you with some of my new favorite pix of my favorite cutie pies.....(compliments of my sis....can't wait to see you guys!)


Senior Session....

Today, I met up with R, her mom and little sister (btw what a cutie) for a senior session.  R is absolutely beautiful, and I luv her blonde, blonde hair! (i secretly wish my hair was blonde like that)  They were the most easy going girls ever!  We walked all over b/c we kept finding some great places for pix.  Here are just a few of my favorites.  Thanks so much, girls!  I had a great time meeting all of you today!  


Rockin' It

These girls were ROCKIN' IT!  I just love them.  When I first moved to Michigan, I needed to find a hair dresser, so I called Palazzolo in RO and asked if they'd recommend anybody.  The girl said to go to R cuz she's really good plus her two other sisters work there as well and they're all great!  Well, ever since, I've been going to R and J (my fiance) has been going to H. They're the BEST!  Thanks to R & H tonight...I had a great time and you girls are beautiful!  (btw my sis in Ohio drives up here to get her hair done by R ....)


Fall Special (use the pix for your holiday cards!)

Julie Marie Portraits is offering a Fall Special to celebrate Fall and take advantage of the beautiful, colorful outdoors!  

What:   Super Mini Portrait Session (1/2 hour session)
When:  Saturday, Oct. 18th
Where: MeadowBrook (Oakland Univ)  Rochester, MI
Who:    Kids and/or Families (immediate family only-if additional members, please contact me for pricing)
Price:   $40 for the 1/2 hour session which includes a CD with 5 processed portraits for you to keep.

This is the perfect opportunity to get some great portraits to use for your holiday cards or gifts, ...as we all know the holidays are just around the corner.  

*Please contact me ASAP to book your session as they're filling up quickly!

Julie Marie Portraits | 419.343.7268 | email from my website (click on the title to this post



(Since I didn't have any recent pix of K, I had to use one from vacation and blur out everybody else)

Our nephew, K, turns 5 tomorrow, so we wanted to wish him a HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY since we won't get to see him!  K is such a handsome little guy and what a sweetie.  We miss you and can't wait to see you!  Love, Uncle J , Aunt J & Dex  (BTW Dex says hi, and he can't wait to see you soon!)


Photo Class

Last night was the start of a new photo class.  So, what does that mean?  More random pix to take.  They couldn't be of any "clients", so I got out my camera with my new lens :) and took a few shots tonight before we went to pilates class. (BTW I wish I had my camera at class b/c J was doing something weird looking in pilates class and I looked over and just started cracking up and couldn't stop laughing....meanwhile, we're suppose to be quiet and concentrate)
  Anyway... our assignment for next week is to take a picture of something red, a weather shot (showing movement of rain or wind--why couldn't I have known that this past weekend since it rained all weekend long) and to wear something black to our next class.  Well, that's easy enough for me b/c my wardrobe consists of a lot of black clothes.  

So... J was outside with Dexter, and I was able to capture a few shots.
on the phone
This was taken inside of Dexter (my best model).  I laid down on the floor to get these and had to keep telling Dex to stay so he wouldn't jump up and run towards me.  
My new favorite portrait of Dex
I wanted to post a picture of my new photo "catcher" that I picked up for $10 so that my sis could see.  I love it - i've hung some of my favorite pix up here...mainly of our nephews and nieces or rather my soon to be (on the other side of the family) nephews and niece which I get to see very soon and can hardly wait!! 


New Lens....

I purchased a new lens over the weekend, so I was finally able to go outside for about 20 minutes today to get some pictures.  (It's been raining non-stop here for the last couple of days)  I love the new lens b/c of its bokeh (blurring of the background.)  Anyway, I got a picture of this sunflower with a bee on it and then played around with the last three images.  (If you can't tell, I'm a little bored today b/c we've been stuck inside due to all of the rain)

Original Picture 



Wanted:  Seniors

I am wanting to change the way your typical senior portraits are done.  Isn't everybody tired of the typical senior pictures including graduation year numbers and class rings, etc.. type of backgrounds? (you know what I'm talking about!)

I want urban, modern, retro up close-in your face portraits that should be in magazines!  If you are outgoing, full of life/energetic and want edgy senior portraits, you've come to the right place.

This is what I need:
  • I'm looking for 2009 senior or junior model reps for all high schools in the metro Detroit area.
  • If you are chosen, you will receive a proof book to showcase your photos from your session.  You will also receive a cd with 5 portraits that you can take and upload to your own computer to show them on your myspace or facebook pages or simply do whatever you'd like with the portraits.  This is all FREE!
Contact me today by clicking on the title of this blog post or go directly to my website so that we can setup an interview/session.

Website:  http://www.juliemarieportraits.com



My brother-in-law is 40 today, so HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY B!  Wow...40!?!?!??!  I remember thinking that 40  sounded so old, but now, the older I get the more I start thinking that it doesn't sound so bad!  Hope you have a wonderful bday and have fun in Hilton Head!


Off to Hilton Head....(not me)

I'm looking forward to sleeping in this weekend.  However, my weekend will be spent likely wishing I was going down to Hilton Head with my family as they're heading down for the week.  It's likely going to be two more weeks until I'll get to see my niece and nephew which I hate thinking about it b/c it seems like forever!  It's a good thing for cell phones with cameras, though, cuz I'm sure my sis will keep me posted on how much fun they're having.

Here are a couple of new pix of my niece and nephew...you can see why I get sad knowing that I'm not going to see them for a couple of weeks. :(    

Pic below is of J and his new blower that he just loves...
This is a new one that my sis just took and sent to me....I just luv them!  (not very clear cuz I had to drag it into my photos)

Coming  up:  We have some bdays to celebrate in our familes...starting with one on Saturday...who could that be? 


Our Engagement Pix - A Sneak Peak

Everybody that reads this blog knows that we had our engagement pix taken on Saturday.   Our photographer always posts pix from her sessions, so you can only imagine how many times I was on her website from Saturday until today seeing if we could get a sneak peak as to how they were going to turn out.  This morning when my alarm went off, I checked my blackberry and refreshed her blog page, but it only came up with her previous posts. (well, that's due to my blackberry never working the way it should)  I proceeded to get ready and my phone rang about 6:40 this morning.  It was my mom telling me to get online and check out our pix.  I was so excited to see them and just thrilled with the way they turned out.   I then proceeded to send out some texts to friends and sent out a mass email.  A few minutes later, J was  like who keeps calling your phone...well, he just doesn't understand the meaning of girlfriends....and how we have to call each other to talk about the pix....come on now....this is important stuff...even if it is before 7am in the morning...

Anyway, if you want a sneak peak, check out my photographer's blog.  I just love the pix.  She is such an amazing photographer.  Thanks to Kellee for the amazing job that she did! 

Her site is:  http://www.kelleelaser.typepad.com or you can click on the name of this blog post at the top and it will take you to her blog.


Session Portraits

Thought I'd just share some portraits of "C' that I took.  He's very photogenic and the pix turned out great.   Hope you enjoy! 

I love this area in Royal Oak, MI -- the fountain.  It's a great place to just sit back and relax and listen to the fountain.  


Go Steelers

The Steelers started their official season yesterday.  In light of that, Uncle J had J put on his hat.  Although I don't think J knows what it means to say, "Go Steelers", he was all for it and having a good time yelling it!    On a side note, I'm hoping that since I'm posting something about the Steelers that my fiance will think/know that I am serious about the Steelers and  maybe he'll take me to a game!   


The BIG 40....

My brother-in-law is turning 40, so my sister had a party for him last night.  It was a fun time just hanging out with their great group of friends and with our families.

The oreo cupcake....
The old guy turning 40...and his beautiful wife (my sister!)
Just hanging out...
The girls
The food was outstanding.  They had a chef come in and prepare a mexican feast and my sis made sangria and margaritas.
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