Off to Hilton Head....(not me)

I'm looking forward to sleeping in this weekend.  However, my weekend will be spent likely wishing I was going down to Hilton Head with my family as they're heading down for the week.  It's likely going to be two more weeks until I'll get to see my niece and nephew which I hate thinking about it b/c it seems like forever!  It's a good thing for cell phones with cameras, though, cuz I'm sure my sis will keep me posted on how much fun they're having.

Here are a couple of new pix of my niece and nephew...you can see why I get sad knowing that I'm not going to see them for a couple of weeks. :(    

Pic below is of J and his new blower that he just loves...
This is a new one that my sis just took and sent to me....I just luv them!  (not very clear cuz I had to drag it into my photos)

Coming  up:  We have some bdays to celebrate in our familes...starting with one on Saturday...who could that be? 


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