Our Engagement Pix - A Sneak Peak

Everybody that reads this blog knows that we had our engagement pix taken on Saturday.   Our photographer always posts pix from her sessions, so you can only imagine how many times I was on her website from Saturday until today seeing if we could get a sneak peak as to how they were going to turn out.  This morning when my alarm went off, I checked my blackberry and refreshed her blog page, but it only came up with her previous posts. (well, that's due to my blackberry never working the way it should)  I proceeded to get ready and my phone rang about 6:40 this morning.  It was my mom telling me to get online and check out our pix.  I was so excited to see them and just thrilled with the way they turned out.   I then proceeded to send out some texts to friends and sent out a mass email.  A few minutes later, J was  like who keeps calling your phone...well, he just doesn't understand the meaning of girlfriends....and how we have to call each other to talk about the pix....come on now....this is important stuff...even if it is before 7am in the morning...

Anyway, if you want a sneak peak, check out my photographer's blog.  I just love the pix.  She is such an amazing photographer.  Thanks to Kellee for the amazing job that she did! 

Her site is:  http://www.kelleelaser.typepad.com or you can click on the name of this blog post at the top and it will take you to her blog.


JenV said...

You guys look awesome in the pictures!!!!!

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