They're Engaged!

They're Engaged!  I was so excited when my bff's little sister called me and asked me to photograph her engagement photos.  (and a little bummed that I have a prior commitment and won't be able to photograph their wedding)  Anyway, I met her fiancĂ© a couple of years ago at the lake, and there was just something about the two of them....  They are such a fun couple, great looking and so full of life!  Just look at the pictures below...you can see how they just love each other and can have fun together!  I couldn't be happier for them!  Congrats M & K!    

Oh, and let me add that it was FREEZING out when these were taken, but they rocked it!

This picture below is one of my favs ever!  I just love the yummy creamy light coming in this alley way!   It's like they're just glowing!

And I have to say....I'm on M's side for the pix below... Go Rockets!  (my alma mater)  


Get your Valentine's Ordered! | Julie Marie Portraits | Rochester, NY Children's Photographer

I'm so excited to show you the Valentine's Day cards that Kristi of Kristi Young Design created!  I absolutely love them and can't wait to get some!  Kristi is so unbelievably talented, and I love that her designs are one of kind!  I know it's still January, but if you are going to get Valentine's, now is the time to get them ordered!  Just email Kristi at nyoung@bex.net.  Also, check out her blog to see some more of her fabulous designs!  


A Star Wars Birthday Party - Jack turns 6 | Julie Marie Portraits | Rochester, NY Photographer

My nephew turned six a little over a week ago, and I was so happy to be able to drive home and celebrate his birthday with him!  The last time I got to celebrate his birthday in person was when he was 2.....we then moved to Delaware.  I was a little sad on his birthday because I couldn't believe he was already 6....i clearly remember the day he was born, and my oh my how the time has flown by!

So, can you guess what this year's birthday party theme was?  You guessed it.....STAR WARS because my nephew is obsessed with it!  My sister told me she was going to have a little party for his birthday.....little as in 21 5 & 6 year olds, plus a couple younger kids and Jake.  I kept asking her what she was going to do because she knows how to plan a party, but she kept saying she wasn't sure.  Well, on the Tuesday before his party, my sister spent the evening texting me on different ideas for the party, and sure enough....she pulled off a spectacular 6th birthday party!  And to top if off....Jack said it was the BEST birthday ever!

 Check out those cookies.....so cool & such a hit!

 The most awesome Star Wars cake ever....made by Dakota's Custom Confections
 Look how happy Jack is!  

Not sure what my niece is doing here....?

Happy Monday Y'all! | Julie Marie Portraits | Toledo, OH Photographer

Hope you all had a great weekend!  I can't believe it's Monday again, but oh well!

CHeck out these cuties who you've seen before on my blog!  They're getting so big, and they are OH SO HANDSOME!  They braved the cold and had some fun in the snow!


Happy Weekend! | Julie Marie Portraits | Rochester, NY Photographer

Happy Weekend, Everybody!  Check out these two who belong to my cousin!  So, so stinkin' cute and so well behaved!  


Happy 2012! | Julie Marie Portraits | Rochester, NY Photographer

Happy New Year 2012, Everybody!  Hope you had a fabulous holiday season!  We got to spend Christmas in Ohio with my family, and we had the best time!  It was so nice to be home and just relax....and let all of my family chase Jake around while my hubby and I just sat and watched! :)

As all of you know, we moved to Rochester in October, and everybody kept talking about the horrible winters that Rochester gets...well, for some reason, we must have brought them some good luck because we've had a really mild December and January thus far.  In fact, on New Year's day, Josh, Jake, Dexter and I went for our first 2012 walk outside.  It felt a little weird to be walking outside in 40+ degree weather on January 1st and no snow!

Which now brings us to today.....another incredibly warm day for January!  And, well, you guessed it...that meant time for some new updated photos of my on-the-go-at-all-times 21 month old little Jakers!  I must say...he really is impossible to photograph right now, but M&M's do the trick to make him stop in his tracks!  I'm thinking we need to buy stock in M&M's because he now knows his colors because of them, they've helped him calm down from the temper tantrums that seem to occur quite often, and we're hoping they'll help him with potty training when that begins (very soon)!

Jakers @ 21 months with his shaggy hair and blabla doll.  And check out Jake sporting a bowtie!  New favorite shirt from Somebubby Chapman Apparel.
 I'm not sure what he's doing, but this look sort of cracks me up!

 And without M&M's - this is what photos look like....no cooperation at all, but oh so fun! :)  Have a great weekend!
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