Memorial Day Family Pix....Julie Marie Portraits

We are spending Memorial Day weekend at Coldwater Lake in Michigan with my family, and since we have a new member in our family, we needed to update our family picture! Hope you enjoy!
My sister and her family:

Jack, Julia & Jakers

My grandpa, mom, dad, my sister's family & my family!

My hubby, Jakers & me!


Have a Great Weekend! Julie Marie Portraits

My baby Jakers is 8 weeks old today!
I thought this picture of Jakers and his cousins would leave you with a smile!
Hope you all have a fun & safe holiday weekend!


Some of my Favorite People....Julie Marie Portraits

The Trust Kiddos......I just love these kiddos and so wished we lived closer to each other! We had the best time with them and miss them so much already!!
Cousins....Jakers loved meeting his cousins and they loved him just as much!!!

Brothers....I got to go to KK's school for an author's tea and he dedicated his book to his brother.....love it!

What a handsome guy!!! He absolutely loves Dexter and watched him the whole time we were in Pittsburgh!

My favorite....L watching over his brother and sister....

One word....BEAUTIFUL

So Handsome....and so reminds me of my husband (which would be his uncle) with his looks!

Best Buds

Great Nan & Nanny....beautiful! (Jakers is so lucky to have his Nanny and Nan!!)

4 Generations


Sweet Baby A...Julie Marie Portraits, Delaware Newborn Photographer

I recently got to meet the sweetest baby girl. She has such a gorgeous name and a great middle name, too!! :) She was not even two weeks old, but she was so alert the entire time! (I hope she took a good, long nap after I left.) And then there's her mama...you seriously couldn't even tell that she just had a baby AND she had her hair done and make-up on! I don't think my hair has been out of a ponytail since my little guy was born! And then there's dad....completely smitten with his sweet, beautiful baby girl. So, enough of me talking, meet Baby A:


Biggs Museum Gala...Dover, Delaware, Julie Marie Portraits

I had the pleasure of photographing the Biggs Museum Gala in Dover. It was a fun-filled night, and I thought I'd share a few pictures from the evening. If you are interested in learning more about the Biggs Museum, you can check it out here:
Biggs Museum Link

Silent Auction Items

Wesley College football players sold the raffle tickets..

(the couple on the right were my first clients in Dover)

Having some fun out on the dance floor!


6 Weeks Old....Julie Marie Portraits

My baby boy is 6 weeks old today!
Everybody have a good weekend!

Taken this morning...

Taken this afternoon...zonked out!

And my baby Jakers loves this:


A Senior Session....Julie Marie Portraits

I had the pleasure of meeting up with S & her parents at Lewes Beach on a gorgeous day! S was absolutely wonderful...she was up for anything and just the sweetest girl ever! She's also graduating very soon and I wish her the best of luck!! Have a great time this summer!

Enough of me talking.....check out how beautiful she is:

Her gorgeous eyes that just sparkled...

Just Toes Shot


B + K = A Gorgeous Virginia Beach Wedding, Julie Marie Portraits

As most of you know, I took a month off to spend with my little guy, and now I'm back to doing what I love...photography! Up first was a wedding in Virginia Beach. I was very nervous about leaving my sweet baby boy all alone with his daddy for this wedding because my hubby had officially only changed 1 diaper since Jakers had been born, and he was never alone with him for more than 1 hour at a time.... So, it started off with me crying all the way to the wedding, but once I was there, I was completely fine! My husband, on the other hand...not so good. Jakers cried quite a bit and needed a lot of diaper changes (lots of messy diapers), but when I got back to the hotel, my little guy was sound asleep and when he woke up, he was full of smiles and my husband was just plain exhausted!

Anyway, back to the wedding...The ceremony took place at the groom's grandparent's home in VA Beach. It was absolutely gorgeous! Actually, everything (& everybody) about this wedding was gorgeous! As you will see, the bride looked like she should be in a magazine....stunning, classy and beautiful. She was so calm, easy-going and just went with the flow. The groom was the same way...super calm and just very excited to get married. After the ceremony, everybody took a trolly ride over to the reception which was held at the Princess Anne Country Club. I have to say that the reception was so much fun....everybody was up and dancing and just had the best time! So, enough of me talking.....hope you enjoy the pix!!

{Since I have been a bad blogger, I decided to overload this blog post with a lot of pix...actually, I just had a hard time narrowing it down)

The beautiful flower girl and her mama!

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