Meet M & A....Julie Marie Portraits, Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

Meet M & A....I had the pleasure of meeting up with them at Valley Force National Park. I had never been there before, and M had suggested we check it out. So glad we did b/c it was a great area. So, we packed in my car and drove around the park. They were great and up for anything! Thanks, guys! It was great seeing you and looking forward to your wedding in October!

So, we're off for a much needed vacation! I am still catching up on editing and emails, but if you need me, I will be checking email periodically next week!


Senior Session x 2....Julie Marie Portraits, Senior Portrait Photographer

I had the pleasure of doing a senior photo session shoot with my cousin and her boyfriend back in Pioneer. So, to start with, meet Miss D. I can't believe she's going to be a senior. I remember her being little D growing up and now.....she's all grown up and absolutely gorgeous. Anyway, we had a great time hopping in her mom's hummer and driving around Pioneer doing the shoot. We even ended up at my parents house and used their backyard for a few shots.

And now for Mr. J.....the handsome racecar driver which by the way it was very cool to actually be super close to a race car. He was a trooper. He came with D, her mom and myself and had to put up listening to 3 girls tell him what to do during the session. :)

Thanks, guys, for a fun Sunday afternoon! I will get the rest done shortly! Hope you enjoy your sneak peeks.

Update: I got to bring my hubby home from the hospital tonight, and he is feeling so much better. Now, he's stuck home with me for the next few days until we leave for vacation...... I am still catching up on emails, editing and blog posts.

Way Behind.....But Another Adorable Family.... Julie Marie Portraits

I am way behind on blog posts, emails and editing, however, I wanted to get this post up. Meet the B family. I went to school with these kiddos' parents and look at how adorable their 3 kiddos are!! Two beautiful big sisters and one handsome little guy. I so wish I could tell you their names because they are too cute. Anyway, this family is such a wonderful family. Last year, their little guy's health gave everybody a scare. I know it's been a tough battle for all of them, but this little guy is one tough kiddo, and he is definitely a fighter! Trust me, you'd never even know anything was wrong with him. He was so full of life and just having so much fun blowing bubbles during the shoot. So, B family....it was great to see all of you! Prayers continue to be with little C and all of you. Hope you enjoy your sneak peeks!

I just wanted to thank everybody for their prayers and thoughts. Luckily my husband is doing good and coming home from the hospital! I am way behind on everything, but I will be getting a lot done over the next couple of days before we take off to FL. THanks for your patience, too!


Remember this Beautiful Little Girl?....Julie Marie Portraits

Remember Miss M? I got to photograph her back in March, and now look at her!! She still loves her hats, and she's now running all over the place!! Isn't it amazing how much little kiddos grow in only a few months!!!! She's just the sweetest little girl...so tiny & petite with the most gorgeous eyes, too! She even brought along her dog, and you could definitely see how much she loves her doggy! Thanks, guys!! It was great seeing all of you again (and meeting dad this time). Hope you enjoy your sneak peeks!

This was Miss M back in March:

And here she is now.....so grown up!

The Whole Gang:


Another Gorgeous Family in Ohio....Julie Marie Portraits, Toledo, Ohio Photographer

I'm beginning to think that everybody from Ohio is just plain gorgeous!! :) I had the pleasure of photographing this family on Sunday back in Pioneer, Ohio! I've known this family for a long, long time! In fact, I went to school with the mom below, and we graduated high school together! So, check out the two sisters below......future models? It sure looks that way! As mentioned a few posts back, I have to say it again for this post....their mom and dad are going to be in for some trouble as they get older!! Thanks again, guys! It was great to see all of you! Hope you enjoy your sneak peeks!

Love, Love, Love this last one...the girls and their aunt!


GQ Senior.... Julie Marie Portraits, Toledo, Ohio Photographer

Check out Mr. GQ..... I met him when he was around 6 yrs old (his aunt and I were roommates in college), and let me tell you....I felt very old photographing him for his senior pictures over the weekend!! It's hard to believe that he's going to be a senior. While going through his pictures, I was like...he totally looks like a GQ guy out of the magazine......again, hard to comprehend that he will be a senior and that he's all grown up!! Anyway, we had a great time. We ended up moving the session to Saturday evening b/c of the lovely storms that came through in the am. His parents and sister came along, too, so we snuck in a few family shots. THanks for a fun Saturday evening, M! Hope you enjoy your sneak peeks!

Check out the cool car in the picture! I would love to have one of those!!

Remember these Cutie Pies? Julie Marie Portraits....Toledo, Ohio Photographer

I had the pleasure of meeting up with these cute, cute adorable kiddos again! If you remember, Miss A was quite tiny when I photographed her in March and now, she is getting so big! She's just beautiful, and I love, love, love her eyes!! Her super handsome brother, W, wasn't into smiling much this time either, but he was definitely into the gum that I had. He loved it!! In fact, one of the pictures below, you'll see some gum in his mouth...too cute! Thanks "G" family....it was great to see you again! Hope you enjoy your sneak peeks on the blog and on facebook!

This was in March:

And look at Miss A now....

yep - you can sort of see the gum in his mouth! :)

The Whole Gang!

Love the blankie in this pic!

Up next...a senior session, 3 family sessions & 2 more senior sessions

Check Out These Cutie Patootie's!! Julie Marie Portraits, Toledo, Ohio Children's Photographer

I had the pleasure of meeting up with these cutie patooties in Toledo on Saturday, and wow...what a gorgeous family they are! Miss A was simply adorable, sweet and oh so beautiful! Mr. G was quite the serious little handsome guy! He wasn't about to crack a smile, although, he was such a good little boy. Well, during the session, I asked if he could have some gum....and, of course, that was a big hit because he was totally into the gum....but he still wasn't about to crack a smile! Anyway, it was great meeting all of you! Hope you enjoy your sneak peeks!!


Handsome Little Guy & His Beautiful Big Sister.....Julie Marie Portraits, Toledo Children's Photographer

Two blog posts in 1 day......and lots more to post!

As I posted in the previous post, I went back to Ohio for a visit, and I had the pleasure of meeting up with this beautiful family! Their mom use to live down the street from me when she was little. And now....she's all grown up with a family...boy, do I feel old!! Anyway, the kiddos are absolutely gorgeous!! Miss M just has that beautiful, gorgeous, classy look to her, and she is not only beautiful, but she is quite the cheerleader and she was showing me her moves and did some jumps for me during the shoot! Mr. T wasn't quite sure what to think, but as you will see, I think he sort of forgot about the camera and had some fun! He's also going to be celebrating a birthday this week, so happy birthday, T!! Thanks "M" family -- hope you enjoy your sneak peeks!

This is what Mr. T looked like in the beginning...He wasn't quite sure what to think!

And this was Mr. T soon after the previous picture! All smiles and having fun!

Love this shot of M in the field....

Having some fun splashing in the water!

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