Happy 1st Birthday to L! We love you so much!

Happy 1st Birthday to our niece, L!  (it's actually tomorrow but I couldn't wait to post these, so they're going up a little early)  It's hard to believe she's a year old already.  She is such a little princess, and you can't help but want to give her tons of hugs and kisses b/c she's so darn cute!  I just love her eyes....they sparkle all of the time!  

Anyway, I wanted to share a few pix from her party today.  


L & Nanny (my future mother-in-law that I am so blessed to be getting)
L & Saba...who is just wonderful (my future father-in-law)

K....(L's youngest brother and Dexter's best bud!) 
L who is L's oldest brother who is growing up way too quickly!!  


Julie Marie Pix said...
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JenV said...

Happy Birthday L! You look like a little princess in your birthday outfit!! Love, J & J

Jodi said...

Julie....love the new pictures! I can't believe Jenny's little one is a year old already!

Jodi said...

Wooops....I made a mistake....I thought this little one was Jenny's little girl, but I was wrong.....sorry! She's still a cutie!!!

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