Gobble, Gobble Says the Turkey!

I thought we'd kick off Thanksgiving week by making some rice krispie turkey pops!  Check out the link to see the recipe.  I saw these on a post on Facebook, and I thought it would be something fun for Jakey and I to make.

So, we pulled up a chair....
And he waited patiently for the candy corn to get opened.... He LOVES candy corn!  In fact I had one bag left over from Halloween that I was going to use for the turkey pops, but two guys in our household...( by the names of Dada & Jakey) ate all of the candy corn this week.  Luckily, we were able to walk over to the store today and find some candy corn on clearance for $.49/bag.  Great deal, huh!
So, while Jake ate candy corn, he watched me do all of the work, but it was fun listening to him say, "Gobble,Gobble" every time we talked about the turkeys.

Overall, they were very easy to make.  Obviously, mine do not look as good as the ones shown on the link, but it was something fun for Jakey and I to do together.

Hope everybody has a Happy Thanksgiving!


Nicolle-Libby Lane Press said...

I love the pictures and your adorably sweet sous chef/candy corn taster.

JenV said...

Love these pictures and super cute turkeys!!!

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