THE CUTEST LITTLE PUMPKIN...made by J. (Julie Marie Portraits)

J, my nephew, made the cutest little pumpkin at school the other day.  I just love it....in fact, I asked him where mine was, but he was too busy playing with his tractor to answer me! :) 

Now that I'm thinking about it, I guess I forgot to tell you about my nephew and school.  The first time he went (he only goes on Mondays for a couple of hours), he cried the whole time.  After that first day, if you asked him what he did at school, he'd say, "I cried", with the cutest little grin!  As the weeks have went by, it's gotten better for him.  In fact, when you would ask him how school was, he replied, "i only cry a wittle", which was true!  He would only cry "a wittle" right at first but as soon as he was there, he was fine.   Now, as of this past Monday, if you ask him how school is, he replies, "i only cry a wittle bit then i ok"

 The funniest thing about this little guy is that he has the best memory (he gets that from his dad for sure...definitely not his mama).  These past few Mondays, he's gotten up in the morning and the first thing he says to his mama is, "I go school next Monday", but his mama is quick to reply, "i know you'll go to school next Monday, but you can also go today"!   (I don't know...if it were me having to take him to school, I'd probably just give into him and let him stay with me to play but I'm his aunt and I'm allowed to do something like that! :)


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