The niece and nephew....again!! (my favorite posts)

This week has been a little rough....there will be more to come on that (it's both exciting and sad).....hence the few posts this week.  (I promise I will get more posts done!!)  However, whenever I see these two in the pix below, all I can do is smile!  

I believe this is J's favorite hat right now b/c it's a "John Deere" hat.  He is more or less obsessed with lawnmowers, tractors, etc.... (this was a gift from nana & papa, so he thinks they're pretty cool but wait til you see down below....)
My niece...had to show off her beautiful flower headband....She has no choice but to be
a girly-girl!!
How will her mommy & daddy ever say no to that face!?!?! 

Well, J thought his Nana & Papa were cool when they got him that John Deere hat, but now, they're extra super cool b/c Nana found this digger/backhoe tractor for him.   In fact, he even told Nana, "that's pretty cool".  I was even lucky enough to get a call from the little rascal yesterday cuz he wanted to tell me about his really cool tractor!  (gotta luv it!)



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