My Staycation!! Julie Marie Portraits, Delaware Beach Photographer

My family came in from Ohio last week, and we had the best time ever! The kiddos swam a ton and we got to get some shopping in and hit the beach. What more could you ask for!! :) This morning, though, was super sad....I hated to see my sister and her family leave....especially my niece and nephew. They are just too much fun, and you just can't get enough of them!! Of course there were tears this morning and my nephew would ask me if I was going to cry when they left...and of course, I said yes. I asked him if he was going to cry and he said..."um, maybe just a wittle!!" :)

Anyways, my mom wanted to get some family pictures done, so we went over to the beach. Of course, when we got there, it started to rain....but luckily, it cleared up enough to get some photos.

The whole gang!

My sister and her family

Nana & Papa with J & J

My beautiful niece....

My handsome nephew...


Lois said...

Love the pics Juju! Thanks!

Diana Vicente said...

Love all the pics! But, especially J & J walking away!!!

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