A Handsome Big Brother, A Beautiful Little Sis and a Super Cute Lab! Julie Marie Portraits, Delaware Portrait Photographer

Ok, I am so behind on blogging.........but check out this gorgeous family below. I had so much fun meeting up with them at their home. Their back yard was up next to a piece of land that was just perfect for pictures.

Anyway, meet Mr. B and his little sister L. B was starting school the next day after our session, so I hope it went well!
Miss L was a little sleepy during the session. She wasn't up for smiling much and she kept yawning and the next thing we knew, she was sound asleep in her mama's arms...so precious!

Anyways, thanks guys!!! It was great meeting you and I hope you enjoy your sneak peeks!

The Whole Gang (including their super cute black lab!)

Her gorgeous blue eyes (except I debated on whether to put this one up in color so you could see her eyes but black/white won!)

Best Buds!

Hope everybody has enjoyed their summer!! Today felt like a fall day in Delaware....and it's now getting dark by 8pm. I was just complaining about the heat, but I'm thinking that I should stop b/c I'm really not ready for winter!!


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