Sunglasses & The Lake by Jen.....Julie Marie Portraits, Delaware Children's Photographer

My super talented sister called me and said she had gotten two great photos of my niece and nephew and she wanted to send them to me to tweak a bit and she wants to order some large stand-outs of the pix for up at the lake! Well, she did an awesome job and I can't help but share them on my blog....aren't these just the cutest pix ever and it makes me miss them even more!! :(

Funny story...my sister and her family are up at the lake this week for the 4th of July. Anyway, I was talking to J man last night and told him that if he can get my niece to say, "Aunt JuJu" or even just "JuJu", I'll buy him a combine b/c that's what he really wants, but it has to be a BIG one!! So, last night on the phone, J had this conversation with his 1.5yr old sister.
Jack: "Julio (that's what he calls her), you need to say Aunt JuJu. please"
Julio: "dada dada"
Jack: "no, Julio...you need to say aunt juju so I can get a combine"
Julio: "dada dada"
Jack: "Juwee (sometimes I'm juwee or aunt juju), she won't say it but I still need a combine, pwease!"

Too funny and boy do I miss them!! i can't wait to see them soon!
But.....we have our niece and nephews from Pittsburgh coming into town to celebrate the 4th of July!! We plan on heading to the beaches and hanging out at the pool!! We can hardly wait for them to get here!!!

So, I hope everybody has a great 4th of July and a safe one, too!


Diana Vicente said...

Wonderful pictures. Love the reflexion of the boat and dock in the sunglasses.
Better prepare to buy a combine!!!

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