S+C= Gorgeous Wedding Day

Remember S&C's engagement pix in Love Park this summer up in Philly? Well, they just got married, and what a beautiful wedding it was! The venue was gorgeous with an outdoor ceremony....lots of greenery, beautiful flowers and a waterfall. The ceremony was just beautiful, too. They had the rabbi read different things that they had each written down about the other, and it did bring a few tears just listening to it. You can truly tell how much these two love each other. Congratulations, S & C!! Hope you are enjoying married life! :)

This first one was pretty much says it all....I think everybody had a great time!

Loved the pink dresses and flowers!

The groom's beautiful niece...

Just having some fun...

Loved this girl's jewelry and dress, too. Of course, I asked her where she got it, and she got it in England...Do you think J will take me there to get some jewelry? (doubtful!) :)


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