Can't forget my nephew, too...

Meet my nephew. The picture of us is my absolute favorite. (my sis wishes it was her in that picture) I'm referred to as Aunt JuJu and I love it. Not too long ago my sister was hollering my name for me and he came running in saying my real name. He sometimes refers to me as my real name b/c he thinks it's funny but in the end, I'm Aunt JuJu.

My nephew loves his baby sister but sometimes the jealous side comes into play. I especially love this now b/c I tell my sister to let me talk to my niece on the phone and when he hears that, he comes running to the phone and says he wants to talk. He then proceeds to tell me about Trevor, the lawn guy b/c he's obsessed with lawmowers, blowers, grasshoppers, tractors, etc... We can't quite figure this out but you always know that he's going to tell you something about Trevor and it's usually, "trevor blows leaves". Gotta luv it.


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