The New Hammock

I went to the grocery store the other night to turn in our cans to get the deposit money back. (i hate having to do this in MI) I didn't really need to get any food except I did need to pick up some milk so JT (my fiance) could have his cereal for breakfast the next morning. After I checked out, I saw a sign for this hammock. It was on sale...and I mean on sale b/c it was very cheap and JT has wanted one all summer long. So, I picked it up and went back through the line and brought it home. The deal was that JT would have to help me put it together (my reasoning is that he needs to learn to how to do stuff), but he got saved b/c my neighbor, K, walked over and she helped me put it together. (Thanks K for the help!)

The end result....JT lounging in the hammock with his cute bike shorts on. :)


JenV said...

Nice shorts JT!!!!!

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