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If you ever get the chance to meet J, you'll likely here about his blower (nana found this for him).  He's such a little rascal when it comes to his blower.  Whenever he would put it on the ground to go do something else, I would go over and try to get it and he would have a fit....."No, no, Aunt JuJu - that my blower".   I'd politely ask him if I could just play with it, but the answer was no.  His sister is starting to get into everything, and I'm waiting for the day when she goes up and just touches his blower......he will have a fit!   I guess boys will be boys with their toys!  
Anyway,  I just wanted to share a few of my favorite pix of him outside with his blower after he got up from his nap.  


Jodi said...

As always....such cute pictures....:) Love reading your blog and looking at the cute pictures :)

JenV said...

Great pictures again Aunt Juju!!

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