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Yesterday, I knew my parents were coming up in the afternoon. What I didn't know, though, is that they brought my nephew, J, up to visit for the afternoon. I was so excited to see all of them. In fact, I had J's birthday packages all packed to go to Delaware, but I decided to let him open up just one. It was his John Deere lawnmower. It was a bit smaller then what I thought it would be, but J didn't care! He was down pushing the buttons, starting it, etc... My sister said today that he was showing her how to "start" the mower and change the oil!

Which now brings me to the pix that I took yesterday. I can't help but think that my days are numbered when it comes to being able to see my family as often as I'd like. I knew it was coming, but it seemed like it was so far off and now it's only a week and a half away and reality is setting in. Tonight, all I could do is cry while packing some things and thinking about not seeing my family weekly or at least every other week. I guess, though, that I'm happy that it's making me so sad b/c it only shows how important and how much my family means to me! The good thing is that I'll be back at the end of February/1st of March, and if I get too homesick, I will likely just hop on a plane and fly home for a weekend. So, enough of me telling you how sad and how hard it is for me to move away...

Here is J showing off his new lawnmower...

A picture of Nana and Papa....(i was playing around with textures, hence the "noise" you see in the picture)

Ahh....and last but not least....J and I (another texture added to this picture...a little funky but something different)
This is what I'm going to miss the most....getting that big hug and kiss every time I see him. I guess he'll just have to save them up for when I get to visit him!


JenV said...

Love the photos - especially of mom and dad and Jack and you and Jack!! We're going to miss you like crazy, but we'll see you a lot!! You're going to love it in your new house out there!!!

Diana Vicente said...

Julie, it makes me sad to think how much Jack and all the family are going to miss you!!!! You're right, family is very important. I'm sure you will have lots of visits back home as well as visitors to your new home. We wish you much happiness with your new direction!!!
Diana & Armando

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