10 Things About... Julie Marie Portraits, Delaware Photographer


1) She is my best friend.
2) She has two of the cutest kids ever!
3) I talk to my sister 10x/day – at least (her husband & my fiancé have come to accept this although they don’t understand)
4) She is always re-decorating. (Lets see how long it is before the paint colors at the lake house are changed) ☺
5) We’re identical twins (although I look just like my mom’s side of the family & she looks like nobody)
6) She’s my favorite person to shop with b/c we have the same taste and she can try something on for me & I’ll know what it will look like on me!
7) She’s always running late….drives me CRAZY!
8) She has an incredible family – very fortunate!
9) I’d be lost without her!
10) TOMORROW IS HER BIRTHDAY! (She’s actually older than me by two minutes-Ha!)

Happy Birthday!!!! Hope it’s a good one! Miss you & Luv ya!

Here are a couple of pictures from when we were younger....


JenV said...

Julie - Thanks for the post! You're the best sister anyone could ask for!! I miss you so much and hope you have a very Happy Happy Birthday tomorrow!! Love you and can't wait to see you!!!!

Diana Vicente said...

Loved the "10 Things About" post, which could apply to her twin (except for the kids), as well! The picture of Jen & Jack is great....

Julie said...

Thanks, Diana! Have fun tonight. My mom said you guys were heading over there for dinner and you get to try some of the yummy cake that Jack got to decorate!!

Jodi said...

Ok.....I soooooo remember when you girls were born....that makes THIS cousin feel SO old!!! Hope you both had a great birthday.....you are beautiful girls :)
Your cousin

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