Happy Birthday, Mr. J!! Julie Marie Portraits, Delaware Photographer

Tomorrow is my nephew's birthday, and I can't even believe he's going to be "3" years old. I remember when my sister found out what she was having....I so was not expecting that b/c I only wanted a niece. It wasn't that I didn't like little guys, but I had no idea what you did with a little guy nor buy a little boy. Well, that afternoon, I went shopping and was able to find some "cute" little boys clothes, so after that, I started to like the idea of getting a nephew! Well, needless to say, J was born, and he has been more than I could ever expect out of a nephew. He's just the greatest little guy in the world, and I can't imagine life with out the little rascal! He has certainly made these past three years the best times ever! So...Happy Birthday, Bubba! (my sister will be mad that I referred to him as "bubba", but I always say he's my little bubba!) I miss you and love you so much!!!! Aunt JuJu

The picture below is a typical one of J...he hates the camera and will do anything and everything to try & avoid it!


JenV said...

Thanks Aunt JuJu for the great blog post!! Also, thanks for all the gifts - you spoil him way too much!! We love you and miss you.............. Jen

Jodi said...

Happy Birthday to Jack!! He's a cutie! He and Jaylee are just 4 months apart....its hard to believe that he's 3 already and Jaylee will be 3 in May! They grow too fast!

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