Happy New Year & Happy Birthday, J Man!- Julie Marie Portraits, Delaware Photographer

Wow...what a busy New Year it has been! We finally got moved in to our new home in Delaware and my family is here visiting! It's been total chaos but worth every minute of it....you'll see why with the pix below!

Yesterday, we celebrated J man's 3rd birthday, since I won't get to see him on his actual birthday. It was a ton of fun. My good friend's from DC also came into visit and got to join in the celebration. Here are just a few fun pix from yesterday...
(Believe it or not, I took a cake decorating class with my mom and sister several years ago. I can actually make cakes, but you can't tell by the looks of this one! Actually, J man helped me make his bday cake. I think there was more "licking" of the spoon than anything!"

Can you tell he was very excited?!?!?!

J man blowing out his "3" candles...

Here was one of his presents....He loves it, too!


JenV said...

Thanks for making Jack's birthday so special Aunt JuJu!!!! We love you!!

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