Meet Sabrina the Cat Julie Marie Portraits, DELAWARE PHOTOGRAPHER

Meet Sabrina...isn't she a beautiful cat! On Friday, the husband contacted me to see about taking some pictures of their cat because the cat is getting very old and not in the best shape. This cat is extra special to mom. When I got there, the cat was just the sweetest cat ever and so were it's mom and dad. I was able to get some shots that hopefully they'll be able to treasure. It's funny how attached you can get to your pet. I ended up telling Sabrina's mom that after I hung up the phone on Friday, I quickly went to take some shots of Dexter (hence the Friday post). I can't imagine not having Dexter by my side every day. Pets are just the greatest thing in the world and the one thing that can't be beat is their unconditional love.


JenV said...

Julie - these pix are amazing!! Good job!! I'm sure it's mommy and daddy will love them!!

Sean said...

Julie - cant thank you enough for the pictures. Alexis and I are very very happy with the photos, and want to thank you for your sensitivity and professionalism.

You caotured Sabrina perfectly, and these pictures will, I'm sure, help my wife through this difficult process.

Thank you so much!

Julie said...

Sean-Thanks for the note, and I'm so sorry to hear of the sad, sad news.

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