The "NEW" Green Chair Julie Marie Portraits, Delaware Photographer

I just purchased this "new" or rather "old" green chair for a little bit of nothing. I know...you're probably wondering why I would want this chair??? Well, to answer your question, I thought it would be a fun chair to take out to use as a prop for some of my mini-photo sessions. Also, can't you see a little girl on here with her bright pink tutu up against the green....how cute would that be!!! And you guessed it...Dexter is the first one to try out the chair.

Dexter with the "vintage" effect to go along with the chair


JenV said...

love it and what a deal!!!!

ksmith said...

i love the first pic. the chair is so beautiful with his coloring. but he's pretty cute too. love it!

Jerry Deese said...

That chair is just awesome! Love it, very vibrant.

And a great model for it. =)

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