Flip Flops in February (Now say this 3 times really fast!) :) Julie Marie Portraits, Delaware Portrait Photographer

This is probably the first time ever that I've worn flip flops in February. (unless of course I was vacationing somewhere warm) It's been rather warm here in Delaware these past few days, so I decided to break out the flip flops.. For those of you that don't know me, I LOVE flip flops and would wear them 365 days/year if I could, but since I've lived most of my life in the midwest, you all know that it gets a little cold there and they're really not practical in the snow! :)

At one point the thermometer in my car read 70, but when I took this picture it was only 68 degrees. It's hard to believe that it's only February.

And last but not least......while I was out running some errands in my flip flops, I shot this picture of the water tower in the small town that is our mailing address. This town is SO SMALLL. The folks that live in town have to actually go to the post office daily to get there mail. This so reminds me of growing up in Pioneer, Ohio. (My parents still have to go to the post office every day to get there mail, too)


JenV said...

You wear your flipflops all the time!! I didn't think it really mattered what the weather was like! Ha!!!

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