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Well, I'm back from my short trip to Ohio. I had the best time, and was sad to leave but glad to get back and see J & Dexter!
I'm playing catch-up from all of my Ohio sessions, but I had to share a couple of pix. This first set was taken of my nephew and Miss E riding the JD Gator. J loves this thing and on Saturday, they talked me into going outside with them so they could ride on it. Miss E was quite ok being the passenger which was a good thing b/c at one point, J did let her drive and she's just like her momma --- horrible at driving. She was too busy talking to J and myself and wasn't watching where she was going. As you can see by her little expressions, she was loving it. J, on the other hand, takes driving the gator very seriously, and his little facial expressions show that, too!

Oh, and I had to share a picture that I received in the mail today from J's grandma, Nan. He is around 5 months old (in 1972)....what a cutie! I ordered a larger picture of this for in the house, and I'm sure J will be thrilled with it!


JenV said...

J wants E to come back so he can drive her in his Gator!!! J was a cutie in the baby picture!!

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