A Birthday Party with a President....Julie Marie Portraits, Delaware Portrait Photographer

I met M (she is sister-in-law to President Clinton & our secretary of state) and her husband a few years ago, and I hadn't seen them for quite some time until M called me up to ask if I could come take some candid shots at her mother-in-law's bday party. Actually, the last time I saw M, she had no kiddos and now.....she has two gorgeous little kids. I arrived early so that I could meet her two little kids and get some photos of them. I so wish I could tell you their names b/c they're so cute, but b/c I don't, I can't share.... The party was super laid back with a fiesta theme, and I'm pretty sure the guest of honor and all of the guests had a wonderful time. Anyway, thanks M for inviting me into your gorgeous home! Here are some sneak peeks:

Love, love, love this next one......Meet the beautiful hostess and her two beautiful children!!

President Clinton and his little nephew, S!

The guest of honor and M....both beautiful!

The beautiful Miss F.....so full of life and so much fun!


JenV said...

What an experience!! Great pictures!! You make President Clinton and the Secretary of State seem like real people in these shots!! Great job!

RLL said...

AWESOME! :) I work with M, she's the greatest---and her kids are just beautiful. You really captured a family gathering!

Diana Vicente said...

Once again you've captured the moments, and get the feel of the event!!!

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