Everyday Cards by Kristi Young Design....Julie Marie Portraits, Delaware Portrait Photographer

Check out what I got in the mail over the weekend! They are the Everyday Card Set designed by the super talented Kristi of Kristi Young Design. They come in the coolest case, too! What I love about these is that I have them on hand and I don't have to run out to Target to buy a card every time I need one. Now I can just grab one of these fabulous cards to send out! This set would make the perfect gift for friends, mother's day, birthday's, etc... and they come in the great fabric package, so you wouldn't even need to wrap it up!
If you are interested in ordering a set of cards, just give Kristi a call at 419-973-1328 or email nyoung@bex.net to place an order.


kristi said...

LOVE the photos, Julie! You are the best!

Julie Marie Portraits said...

Thx, Kristi! I love the cards!!

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