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Happy Monday, everybody!  Hope everybody had a great weekend!

Well, we are back from our vacation to Mexico, and it was:
1) a true vacation....we did a whole lot of nothing!
2) just my hubby and I
3) lots of pool time and beach time
4) lots of sleep was caught up from the past year of missed sleep from Jakers! (not complaining at all)

In all honestly, we had the best time, and it was great just to spend a whole week with my husband, although we missed the little guy soooo much!  However, he had a great time in Ohio and Pennsylvania visiting his cousins/aunts/uncles/grandparents/great grandparents!  I do have to say, though, that I am soooo happy to be back and be with my little guy...oh, how I missed him!!

So, yes, I took my camera, but I really didn't take too many photos.  Instead, we hired a photographer to get some photos of just my hubby and I!  My husband was like can't we just have a break from the camera for the week....um, no!  The last time we had pictures of just the two of us was on our wedding day (which we just celebrated our 2nd anniversary), so I'd say it was due time to get some new ones!  Anyway, I'll share my favorite one ....the kid (not really a kid, but he was pretty young) did an amazing job!  Thank-you, A!

yes, my husband's shorts were soaking wet after this pictures, but it was well worth it! :)

And coming up....two weddings that I'm getting ready to blog about.....soon, i promise!

This first one was in Miami.....gorgeous and funky.....love it!

And this one.....such an elegant and gorgeous wedding that took place here in Delaware.

And that's all for tonight!  I hope you all will forgive me for being such a bad blogger!  It truly has been so busy around here, but I will try to blog more often!

Have a great week!



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