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Happy Halloween weekend, everybody!   We've had a great weekend in Rochester thus far!  My niece, nephew and sister came to visit, and we had a Star Wars Trio photo shoot this afternoon.  Last year, Jack, Julia and Jake dressed up as superheroes, and my mom used that photo for her holiday card.  This year we wanted to surprise her with the a new theme - Star Wars.  So, for all of you that receive a holiday card from my parents, you know what it will look like this year!  (and in case you're wondering...last year's photo shoot with the 3 J's was also 100x easier  because Jake wasn't even crawling at the time)  This year was a different story......he barely stood still for even a second, and we had to bribe him with M&M's!

After the photo shoot, we packed into the car and went down to the National Museum of Play.   They were having a special Halloween party there.  The kids had the best time...they got to make some crafts, get some tattoos, play on the exhibits, and they even got a little bit of candy!!  We can't wait to go back!  
Halloween 2010 - much easier to take the photo b/c Jake just sat!

And I had to share a photo of my sister and her kids, Jake aka Yoda and Jake, my hubby & I!  


nanamom said...

What a pleasant surprise! May the force be with you all:)

JenV said...

Love these photos!! Can't wait to see the other one's of J & J!

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