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If you know my son, you know that he loves Mickey Mouse.  So, when I started deciding what to do for Jake's 2nd birthday,  I knew it had to be Mickey Mouse theme!  And with that I knew I needed a couple of things:

After I got all of that in order, I just needed to wait for my family to get here as they were bringing the cake, cookies and cake pops from Ohio.  Well, everybody made it in last weekend, and we celebrated with our family and friends.  Based on the picture below, I think you can tell Jakey had a great time!  

The cake was incredible!  I don't know how she does it!  Can you believe it also traveled 6 hours in the car from Ohio?  It made it in one piece and was absolutely perfect!

This is one of my favorite invites ever!!  I just told her it was mickey mouse theme and my colors were navy and red.  Incredible!


Anonymous said...

Julie I love this cake! Where did you get it at? My son's name is Jacob as well and he is turning 2.

Thanks! Beautiful bday party :)

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